Successful Business Leaders

High Energy Levels

All successful leaders have lots of energy. They work with passion, drive and enthusiasm. They know what and who energises them and ensure that their energy levels are sustained or replenished on a regular basis, by spending time doing the things that matter to them most and being with people who are most important to them.

They take a holistic approach to their life and work: they look after their mind and body, their relationships and their spirit, to energise and re-energise themselves as necessary.

Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious.

Work/Life Balance

Now this phrase may have gone out of fashion in recent years, but I believe the essence of it is key to the success of many business leaders.

Although the best leaders have a passion for work, for learning and for being and doing their best, they also lead balanced lives. By this I don’t mean they spend an equal amount of time both at work and away from work (although they may!) What I do mean is that they look after their health and welfare, they pursue hobbies, have fun and spend time with the people who are important to them.

They realise … Read the rest

Ways to Kick Start Your Cash Flow

Hold a Sale

You reduce inventory while brining in some quick cash. Offer a discount or other incentive to customers who pay now.

Ask for Payment in Advance for Recurring Services

If you are offering web-hosting services, for example, offer one month free to customers who pay up front for 12 months hosting.

Lease Your Equipment

Purchasing equipment ties up large sums of money. By leasing, your money is freed up to be used for other purposes. Often it is possible to lease a variety of equipment — including office equipment, computers, software, telecommunications equipment, vehicles and more.

Joint Venture with Another Business

Find a business offering services or products that are compatible with your own and offer to promote each other’s business. For example, if you are selling health food products, offer to cross-promote with a business selling fitness products. You’ll both enjoy increased sales.

Obtain a Line of Credit

Bank credit is usually subject to standard ratios of debt to equity, working capital and profitability.

Factor Your Accounts Receivable

Sometimes known as “invoice discounting,” factoring is the selling of your invoices (accounts receivable) for cash, instead of waiting 30-60 days to be paid by your customers. Businesses of … Read the rest

Find Merchant Account Credit Card Processing Rates

Unfortunately, in the merchant industry, it is not always as easy as comparing “A” to “B”. There are a plethora of diverse billing structures, charges, and fees that make it very difficult to understand just how one service stands up to another.

So why don’t we see how to find, compare and choose the ideal merchant account for your unique small business…

To start with, you have to locate a minimum of 3 separate financial institutions – these could include a bank or credit union who can sign you up for their merchant account. Also, you should locate different merchant providers by utilizing Internet search tools that provide particular benefits. There is a standard approval procedure that both the banks and the merchant services use. The following information will be required in order to process your application:

  • A business plan that is feasible,
  • A credit history free of significant blemishes, and
  • Proof that you are able to pay (and have to ability to continue to pay) the charges related to a merchant account.

It of great benefit to you to research the ins and outs of the fee structure charged by each of your potential merchant services companies and/or banks … Read the rest

Respond To Victory And Defeat

Go Ahead and Celebrate

This does not mean you shouldn’t celebrate the minor victories that happen every day in your business. On the contrary! Expect and celebrate those victories both big and small! The reason you are here – in business for yourself – is to have those great days, right? Just keep in mind that if you get too day-dreamy, this can distract you from doing the required work to build on your momentum, bring you to the next victory, and improve upon the positive results you just experienced.

Keep Your Chin Up

Likewise, when those inevitable disappointing times roll around, remember again to remain focused on your bigger vision. Regardless of the reason for the temporary defeat, no good will come out of you moping about it. Especially if you end up losing your drive because of it. It’s not worth it! Don’t let a temporary set-back or client cancellation distract you or take you off course. Feel the disappointment, reflect on the experience, look for the lesson, and move on.

Stay on Course

It is important to recognize that each business situation we experience is only temporary. Learning (and practicing) to respond to each of them in … Read the rest

Reasons To Use an Event to Promote Business

You can invite people outside your world to come to your event and they get to meet you, they get to see how you interact with the crowd and it either turns them on or off. An event can be online and still there is a perceived credibility to someone who puts their voice, their face firmly in the public eye. It gives a feeling that you are not a fly-by-night business wanting to take the money and run off.

  • You are exposed to a whole new audience
    Again, you can invite people outside your regular circle to join in the event. This adds to your credibility.Also, you can join in on other people’s events and that way, you get to share their credibility. It literally rubs off on you especially if you get to speak in front of their audience. The prospects tend to think that if you are credible enough to be trusted by someone they trust then there is a chance that it is worthwhile doing business with you.
  • You can build your list of prospects.
    Building your circle of influence is absolutely critical to your business. In fact, your contact list is considered by all business
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Make Money Instantly

Problem 1 – You have no freedom

The lower your position is in the workforce, the more people you have to answer to. Each day you have many tasks you have to complete that are assigned by your bosses. Unfortunately, you can’t choose which tasks you want to perform or the order in which you want to perform them. Until you learn how to make money instantly, you will always have to answer to the multiple people above you.

Problem 2 – You are bored

Corporate America usually only offers a repetitive and mundane life. Life is all about surprises and opportunities. You are bored everyday because you are stuck in a 5 by 5 cubicle, staring in a blank white screen. Unfortunately, routine behavior will numb your mind whereas unpredictability will engage your mind.

Problem 3 – You realize this reality is a lie

Unfortunately, as a generation, we often think as soon as we get the degree our lives will change and we will be happy. Happiness reflects on ambition and success, not the kind of car that is in your driveway. It is better to struggle to make ends meet doing something you love rather than relishing … Read the rest

Way for Community Entrepreneurs

Laser sharp vision

Community entrepreneurs have a clear idea of what they want to achieve – both physically and in terms of impact on the community. Their vision is ambitious and ground breaking by anybody’s standard. Their challenge is not just to get the interest and support of the community, but to keep the community patient as all good things take time to build.

Mind over matter

Bringing a new idea to fruition requires strategic thinking. People can be suspicious of anything new. New ideas challenge those who are slower to accept change. From the start community entrepreneurs think and plan above the fray.

Conserving energy to focus on achieving results, community entrepreneurs focus on big picture thinking. Don’t try to bog them down, they will find a way to move ahead no matter what the obstacle.

The language of change

To be effective, they must be able to understand and communicate well to influence change. These groups operate within the community so the change they are influencing impacts on them as well. They are already talking the language of the community.

Their role is to motivate and lead through dialogue within the community and get the support of stakeholders

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There are companies or websites that are dedicated to find you the best accounting firm, tax business or accounting practice for sale, the one that will suit your needs with regards to location, size, financing, cash flow … Read the rest

Factors Of Successful Business

  • High Quality: When you are starting a business, whether it is an online venture or one that has a physical address, the most important aspect of the business will be the quality of your services or products. Customers are more than willing to pay a higher price if they find that the quality of the item or service is worth it. Believe it or not, clients are annoyed not by a high price of an item, but about the service or product that does not deliver, even if it is the cheapest option around. Clients expect something great for their money even if it’s just a dollar.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Having a reliable customer service adds value to the overall customer experience and makes you stand out from your competitors. Making it easy for the customer to refund, return, or exchange can do wonders for your business. Offering a guarantee will also enhance the customer service experience. But you’d be surprised to know that many business miss this important aspect for fear of losing money if they make a great refund policy. Being open and having a great refund policy to back your wonderful services or products shows the clients
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Benefits of Self-Employment

  • More money: There is a common belief that people tend to earn more money in self-employment programs. The reason is that the more you work, the more you earn. When you are doing a paid job, you are under the requirement of working for long hours and most importantly you have to perform your best so as to receive good comments from your boss. This means that your performance is profit for your boss. On the other hand, if you work for longer hours and perform best, both appraisal as well as money will be yours. So which aspect is more beneficial? The decision is yours.
  • Less stress: Being self-employed allows your stress level to reduce at a greater extent. You do not have to work on late hours or bring your office work home and work all night. Moreover, you can also move from one project to another at anytime you want and you will not also be directed by anyone, as is the case under paid jobs. Additionally, such an act will only add in your portfolio thereby making it diverse. Handling such a situation under employment can be looked from the fact that an employee is switching
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