Successful Home Businesses

  • The role of your mind: your mind plays a vital role in the success of your businesses. It is your mind, or more specifically your subconscious mind, who brings about success or failure in your business endeavours.

When you have the right success mindset, you will automatically be propelled to take action, and you will attract opportunities and success to you with very little effort.

  • Decisions, decisions, decisions: now that you realise the vital role your mind plays in your home businesses, your next step is to make the decision that you will be committed to be successful. And your primary decision is now for you to decide to work on your subconscious mind; to programme it for success, to engage and align it in the direction of success.

It goes beyond than simply having wishful thoughts of having several small successful businesses: you will need to instill a successful mindset.

  • Set realistic goals: far too many people skip this step and they wonder why they have not been successful. Your subconscious mind is a goal-seeking mechanism. Without goals, it works on default, manifesting exactly what you’re aligned to receive – which is why you’re still stuck where you are
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Cash In On Niche

Every retailer today knows the value of a dollar. The old phrase, cash is king has never been truer than with the independent retail community today. Paying attention to sales to assure that there’s money in the bank to meet payroll and other expenses, or building cash reserves during high season to get you through the slow times is an art form that must be mastered in order to succeed in business today.

Obviously, there are many factors that determine whether a small retailer is meeting, or exceeding, its cash needs on a yearly basis. But for most, the cash position of the business is directly linked to a series of fundamental decisions on how the store is positioned in the marketplace.

Independent retailers have the ability to maximize sales by responding quickly to customer needs, while offering one on one customer service. Big-box retailers on the other hand (known as category killers for their ability to single handedly drive down prices and create a “commodity” price mentality on almost every item they sell) are less fluid in nature- short of their capability to lower their prices on a dime. Big Boxer’s understand that for these many items, the vast

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About Influencing Without Positional Power


What is your intention and why do you want to influence someone. Clearly define how your desired outcome would benefit the other party, as well as your organization and yourself.


When you consider the issue or opportunity you are trying to guide the team or individual to consider, think about it from the other party’s perspective. What are their needs? What drives them? Considering the perspective of the other party is not only crucial to successful influencing, it also leads to trust and confidence that you have other people’s best interests at heart.


Trust is a key differentiator between influence and manipulation. Building trust by being respectful and honest in each interaction creates cumulative goodwill, which makes it easier to exert your influence going forward as others will have confidence in you and know that you have their best interests at heart.


People can tell when you’re being disingenuous or flattering without sincerity. Consistently acting from a place of authenticity makes you more honouring and credible. It also establishes you as having the capacity to compliment and be generous.


The principle of reciprocity fits in nicely with the idea of strong ongoing relationships; you often

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Wealth Creators Break Into A Market

It will allow you to create any business from scratch and also improve any business you presently own. It doesn’t matter whether the business is online or offline, as the same principles apply.

The key component of this system is the concept of leverage.

Leverage, as it relates to business, is the term used to describe how you can utilise a particular resource for your own benefit. Doing so allows you to accomplish things that would not have been possible otherwise.

In essence leverage is:

  • Using other people’s time, money, skills, knowledge, equipment and contacts
  • Using technology in the form of computers, software and telecommunications
  • Using your time, energy and stamina productively to get things done

Once you grasp this concept, you will very quickly realise that virtually anything can be achieved in your business by leveraging the resources available to you.

Having developed your solution into a product or service, your next task is to find a way to deliver it to your hungry market.

A simple way of accomplishing this is to contact a person who is already delivering another product to that particular market and make a deal with them to split the profits. This is called … Read the rest

Big Challenges of Entrepreneurship

  • Time. Many people start a business while continuing to work full-time. This will cut back on the amount of time that you have to devote to your business, though it allows you to still maintain your burn rate. Know you can change your burn rate by eliminating or decreasing rent, launching your business before supporting a spouse or child, or not going to so many damn happy hours. Use Freshbooks for time management.
  • Support. Many people do not have support from their friends and loved ones. They might not want you to quit your full-time job to focus on a business that might not succeed. They might not understand when you end up working long hours trying to get your business going. Know your support system, and surround yourself with support if you don’t already have a comfortable amount.
  • Organization. It’s impossible to manage all the tasks required of a business. You’re expected to have an online presence, yet somehow keep track of which large client didn’t reply to your email. Plus, recalling useful websites you were referred to and what time your client is meeting you next Thursday are just as high a priority. Instead, make getting organized
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Expert Advice for Starting a Business

All of the most successful businesses started with the best ideas. And most of those ideas were started not by pure imagination, but instead by someone figuring out what people want and need. Is there something that you can do or make that will help people? Is it something that you can use to help them that will in turn give you a profit?

To help you find ideas, you need to do a bit of research. Ask other business owners where their founding ideas came from. Look into business and successful businesspeople books about where their ideas came from too!

After you get the idea itself, you need to learn how to start your own business to produce income from that brilliant idea. There are so many books on starting home businesses. Also, a number of great websites are dedicated to home businesses. Also, ask a lawyer about what paperwork your community might deem necessary before you start your home business. However, you would probably find conflicting information from many of the books and personal interviews. Use your best judgment to decide what would be best for you and for your new company.

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Home Business Start-Up Advice

Put a business plan together. Prior to commencing, you must have done plenty of research: into the proposed market, and the need the product meets. Only then may you write out your business plan and your marketing plan. The most frequent cause of failure for home businesses is lack of planning. Don’t be nervous of getting professional help to create the business plan.

Plan financially. Any start-up home business is probably not going to make an immediate profit. As a rule, try to ensure you have enough cash in the bank to last 6 months, before you commit to managing the business as a full-time endeavor. If you take such an path you should at least put aside any worries for your personal budgetary well being for half a year. Rather, the focus can be set fully on the new endeavor, the business at home.

Look for the help of a tax accountant. Have a think about whether a corp, LLC, or perhaps sole proprietorship might be the best approach for the new business. You must consider this matter with care, considering state law and the particular variety of business you have planned. The correct moment for you to seek … Read the rest

Secrets for Entrepreneur

No one could be a better natural candidate for an entrepreneurial life style than Steve Christensen. Steve is a close friend of mine that I have known for the majority of my life. If you had the chance to sit down and talk with him, you would recognize immediately that he is not a conventional thinker. A natural risk taker in every aspect of his life, he is a fanatic of extreme sports because of their emphasis on continual progression. His mind has been and forever will be focused on the possibilities of the future. Steve has a shaved head, with fiery blue eyes that ooze confidence. When he talks to you, he will look you straight in the eye for the entire conversation, showing that this is who he is and there is nothing for him to hide. He has the fabled ‘Silver Tongue’, which is the ability to win you over with his charisma in seconds.

Steve is willing to admit that he never thought that one day he would be CEO of his own watch company. Two years ago he was studying at the University of Baltimore, planning on getting into the corporate world of real estate. … Read the rest

Ways Entrepreneurs Can Be More Grateful

A Mid Day Gratitude List

Is your day feeling tough, write out a gratitude list. Sitting around feeling grumpy about situations you may not be able to change immediately, is not doing you any favours. Instead, take a moment to review things you can be grateful for.

Initiate Forgiveness By Searching For The Good

Is there someone in your life who has offended you? And can you not shake the feeling that you have been treated badly wrong? If you want to be free, spend time thinking about reasons to be grateful for, or even TO, this person. It may take some doing to get your mind to a place where it is willing to accept that there are things you can be thankful for, however forgiveness is really about your freedom. I know you have heard that before but it is true. If you want to be free enough to create a life and a business that you adore then learn how to quickly forgive.

Use Words of Gratitude, rather than Criticism

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Evaluate Lead Companies

  • Check the testimonials. See what others are saying about the leads. If you don’t see testimonials on the website, ask the lead company owner to sent you a few testimonials.
  • Make sure the company has a working phone number and email address. The email address should be a business email, not an or address.
  • Ask for referrals from others that you know who are buying leads. Ask them where they bought their leads. Ask them to share their experiences.
  • If you have a suspicious feeling about that company then find another company. Go by your gut feeling. If you suspect something is not right, chances are your hunch is worth following.
  • Compare prices with other companies. Make sure you are comparing like type leads. Some leads have confirmed phone numbers, some do not. Some have confirmed email addresses, some do not. Compare like leads when doing your price comparisons.
  • If the lead company offers FREE leads to test them out, take advantage. Try the leads and see how they work out for you.
  • Ask the company how many times their leads are sold. This is really important. If you are the 9th person to call a lead, that
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