About Cash, Credit, Or Contracts

First on the list is money. We all love cash right? Who doesn’t want to feel like a high roller. Can you really sit on a fat credit uncomfortable? How many spine alignments has fat cash ruined, huh? Well, I’m writing this article so I’m exempt. Anyways cash has benefits except it is not exempt from inflation. The money theory one dollar today isn’t one dollar two decades from now. Can imagine all your savings lost to inflation? We have to think money rules right? Yeah, for a little encouragement it’s a good idea to invest your money in a business or house.

Credit is by far the hardest one to manage among the three you think you are doing the right thing by making payments right? There are too many factors which affects your credit. Sometimes the smallest installments cause many to think well its easy. Credit is as mundane as the section of this article. You fix and then you have to maintain it. Cash does not have to be maintained you keep cash worry free and make it worry free. You really do not have to pay taxes on money Uncle Sam has no idea you made right?

Contracts are simple once the guidelines have been established. When you make contracts make sure you make the most of your contract. When you are on a starter contract try not to overproduce. When you make a contract make sure you know how to void your contract. Contracts are the best way to do things in life. Can you make a deal life without a contract? Out of all the things mentioned contracts are the best, but cash and credit are just as good. Contracts work out the best for employers because it stays on the books fixed including incentives.

In conclusion there are many ways you pick, but unfortunately you can only focus one if you want to keep your sanity. There are many people who will pick cash because it’s easy, but contracts are the better choice. Do you really think you can approach the bank asking for $20 million dollar loan? You decide what’s best for you. There is no wrong answer when handling money mismanagement is mismanagement.