Be a Productive Employee or Entrepreneur

Follow 80-20 rule.

20% of the work produces 80% of the result. That is the sole pretext on which the rule works. When it comes to employees who hold designations like that of managers, it helps them allocate resources depending upon the importance of a task. Entrepreneur on the other hand, must understand that if he or she is operates in the buying and selling space, then bulk purchases will always provide more revenue than individual sales. Thus, focusing on those bulk buyers will produce better results for his business.

Both employees and entrepreneurs must concentrate their energy on restricted and dedicated activities which can then boost productivity and yield better results.

Have a healthy routine

If you look at some of the top entrepreneurs of the world, all of them have a certain healthy habit which keeps their minds and bodies from giving up and becoming unproductive. Padamsree Warrior, Chief Technical and Strategy Office, Cisco Systems meditates every night and spends her Saturday’s doing a “Digital Detox”.

Healthy routine does not only involve eating healthy but also disconnecting from one’s gadget filled work life. Spending time relaxing your brain is important. Its recovery is vital unless you wish to push yourself to a burnout. So if you like walks, go for strolls in a garden or a beach and don’t listen to music but instead listen to the sounds of nature. Meditation and Yoga are also extremely effective to develop a sound and healthy routine.

Pay close attention to your sleep and anxiety patterns.

This happens too often to employees and entrepreneurs that they end up burning the midnight oil and thus causing great damage to their health. Entrepreneurs especially love to work till late and often have anxiety levels higher than usual. Both employees and entrepreneurs must develop the habit of taking power naps whenever low on energy. When you feel too nervous and are anxious about something, distract yourself by going for a swim or playing a sport or simply some game on your smartphone.

Allow technology to make your life easy

This is one of the most vital techniques to being productive. Several facets of technology like Gadgets, Apps, etc can make your life easy. As an employee, can you imagine life without your smartphone and laptop? When was the last time you managed to survive a day without them? If you cannot recollect the answer to these, which means you have allowed technology to make your life easy. It is vital that you change alongside technology and adapt to it. For every new gadget brings something more to the table, for every new app smoothens a process and every new establishment makes a product or service available to you at your fingertips.