Be More Productive Each Day As An Entrepreneur

  • Affirm yourself for the things you did

This is very important. Most entrepreneurs talk themselves down. You are driven to make things happen and if you do not feel you are pushing yourself to the limit then you feel that you are not good enough. The problem with this approach is that it does not work. It makes you feel even worse and so you get even less done.

Instead, affirm what you have done. Acknowledge all the things you get up to each day and be pleased with yourself for what you made happen. It may seem unimportant and yet, it does matter. So if you are serious about increasing your productivity, choose to look yourself in the mirror at the end of each day and affirm just how much you did do that day.

And for bonus points, look yourself in the mirror each morning and tell yourself how great you are for starting another day as a super entrepreneur.

  • Don’t fill out your to do list with things that you never complete

Your ‘To Do’ list needs to be full of things that you are most likely to complete each day. Do not just put everything including the non-priorities on your list because you want to tick it off. Yes, there is a sense of completion when you tick things off however, you may subconsciously end up doing the less important but easy things on your list rather than doing the highest priority items. So be wary of having those long 100 plus item ‘To-Do’ lists what make you seem busy but end up reducing your productivity each day.

  • Fit things in that you want instead of focusing on the things you don’t

Instead of trying to get through everything in your day, and finding that you end up managing what you no longer want in your life, choose to do the important things that you want to be doing each day. Do those first and then see what time is left and do anything else in that time.

If you get deliberate about this. You will find that more of your day is spent on things you want in your life and automatically, the not-so-great stuff starts to fall away because you no longer have time for it.