Freedom Life In A Cubicle

This same 97% of people will keep snoozing the alarm clock every single day until there is no other choice than get out of bed or else call in sick for that day. Do you jump out of bed all excited for the day ahead? Or do you jump out of bed only on Saturdays or when you are on leaves? Are you really living a freedom life? Can you relate?

I can definitely relate. Since the very day I realised I was not working out of passion but out of need to pay bills, loans and to attend to family obligations, getting out of bed for work had been the most irritating hassle of the day. The gnawing question “How long will this continue?” shadowed me like my best friend for years and years. As time went by, another more vexing question proliferated in my mind: “Is this all life is about?”. I wanted a freedom life for me but there was no such hope as long as I was seated in a cubicle working to pay my expenses and debts!

  • Is life about snoozing the alarm every week day and looking forward to the end of the week as soon as it starts?
  • Or is life about looking forward to the next vacation as soon as one ends.
  • Is life about trading your time and freedom, sitting in a cubicle, in an attempt to make enough money to pay the bills, the credit cards and the loans at the end of the month and most of the time realizing you are still living in the overdraft or excessively on credit cards?

In quest of my freedom life

I crossed the oceans in 2013 from, Mauritius to Canada, to change my lifestyle but the questions still did not leave me until I realised I was asking the wrong questions altogether.

Seventeen years of intense academic studies, trying the best I can to get the highest scores because this is what daddy wanted. OK, maybe I wanted it too because this is what my mindset was tuned into (environmentally and genetically programming as Bob Proctor will describe). Get the best grades, go to that star school, and get that first class University degree in Information Technology because this is the market trend for now! IT job demand is everywhere. Do I want to be in IT? I don’t know. I just do it because everyone else around me is doing it and because this is what I have been advised to do. I don’t want to feel stupid not knowing how to use a computer. So I complete that degree and get on the job market. I was quite proud of my achievement back then. Oh I was. Sometimes learning that book by heart just for the sake of the grade! I was good at it, I must admit!

So fourteen years later, after all the hardwork to achieve the best grades, here I am, despite having crossed oceans to achieve financial freedom, standing in a way too crowded commute and stuck between two subway stations because someone decides to activate the emergency alarm yet again this morning. So now my mind starts working on the latest excuse line I will blabber to my “boss” once I reach office.

This is definitely NOT A LIFE OF

  • Passion
  • Purpose
  • Freedom

You should not condemn the cubicle job if thinking of your cubicle, you jump out of your bed overexcited every single morning. This is a subjective matter. I condemn the cubicle life when it is just a means to pay the bills and the loans and the rent. Bob Proctor said in several books and several seminars “People should not go to work to earn money. They should go to work because they love it”. I thought ‘He is nuts and don’t know what he is talking about’. I read these two sentences for about a hundred times before I was able to get the true meaning of it. And this is exactly what I intend to do.

If your WISH for a freedom life has turned into a BURNING DESIRE and more than ever, you want to

  • banish the cubicle life to live life on your own terms
  • create a lasting legacy for your children and your family
  • use your Brain, discover your innate Beauty and create abundant Money in your life

Then let’s do this together! Let us create our freedom life through our laptop. It is a myth to think that the cubicle lifestyle can ever lead us to FREEDOM..But the internet can. As long as you have a laptop and an internet connection, there is always a way to freedom.