Get Independent Income

There are two ways of getting independent income; bill by the hour or make money on sales margins. Billing by the hour can be anything from babysitting to designing websites or construction work. Making money on sales margins can be anything from reselling items on eBay to selling items to customers you contact. We will focus on this form of independent income today and as an example we will use the OFYR (steel fire bowl / bbq) as I have been consulting with this company in the US but any similar product will do. The important thing here is to get involved with a product that you are excited about and that will allow you to sell it outside your normal working hours. At least for now!

In case of the OFYR, it’s target markets are upscale businesses like hotels and restaurants as well as upscale consumers. None of these potential clients need be visited during regular business hours, in fact, it might actually be beneficial to visit them after hours. Perfect! In selecting your product, also make sure that the commitment the company makes to you can match the commitment you make to the company. In some industries, it is customary that sales territories are established so make sure you look into this. By showing products to potential clients, you will quickly gain experience in what people are looking for and what features resonate the most with your customers. Once you get the hang of this, selling is lots of fun!

On the back end, you need to work with a company that does the shipping and billing for you or you need to set up your own system. To start with, I recommend having the company you represent do this paperwork for you as they are typically already set up to handle all of this. The easiest way for you to initiate orders is by telling the company that you are working with specific clients or are working in a specific area and have your customers call in their orders with the company directly. You will then receive your commission check in the mail the following month and you will also receive the proper tax forms at the end of the year. One less hassle to deal with. This is just one example of a simple way to get independent income. Look for products you would like to get involved with and contact the companies. You’ll be surprised how many are looking for people just like you. Try it, you might be surprised at the results!