Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Is Amazing

  • Time. No nine to five for you, my friend. You’ll probably work more hours than that, but if you need to go to school sports day or to the park because it’s a sunny afternoon, well, you can do – because you’re in charge. You can catch up with the work when the sun’s gone down.
  • Place. Technology freed us from the need to ‘be’ somewhere years ago. It was corporations that required us to drive up and down motorways for self-serving internal meetings when we might have video-conferenced them. As your own boss you can become a ninja expense manager and eliminate all of that wasted time. Work wherever it suits you. In a coffee shop. On a beach. Whilst baby-sitting. In front of the TV. Effectively, work where you please.
  • Dress code. Dress down every day, if you want to. Stay in your PJs all day, if it suits you, and you’re comfortable with the risk that a client might Skype you at any moment – but be certain to have your work head on at all times.
  • No politics. Every office has politics. It’s unavoidable. It’s less obvious than it used to be, but in medium or large-scale enterprises, there will always be ‘water-cooler’ conversations about who said what to whom, and why; the latest gossip from the ‘5th floor’ and worries about who might be ‘at risk’ in the latest re-organisation.
  • No waste. How many people working in even medium-sized organisation can see things happening that add no value to the enterprise, but suck money out of it? Most of them, probably. In your own business you can eliminate all of that waste at a stroke, and focus on what’s important – client satisfaction. Use the expense manager app, and you’ll always know at a glance how you stand financially.
  • Earn more. The labourer is worthy of his hire, goes the Bible quotation. If you’re employed, chances are you’re not able to earn more if more work lands on your desk. Self-employed or a lone worker, then more work equals more invoices equals more income. And that’s a real sweetener when you’re still at your desk at 11pm!
  • Choice. Whatever product or service you think you can find a market for, you’re free to chase. If it doesn’t work, move onto the next one. What’s more, you can choose your clients to make yourself better at expense management by removing more of that waste. There’s the story of a window cleaner who made a very nice second income by selling half of his business every year of 18 months; keeping the best clients for himself, and ‘selling on’ the ones who needed more time lavishing on them, or the complainers…
  • Making decisions. When you know something is right, then being in charge of your own destiny, or your own company, puts you in a position to be fleet of foot, make the decision, and seize the opportunity