Roadmap To Success

If you are unaware of the purpose of a business plan or wondering the different topics usually covered in the document, turn to a variety of sources for answers but just remember that a traditional business plan is made of up a number of topics such as, the executive summary, company fact sheet, company overview, market overview, target market, competitive research, a marketing plan, financial projections, break-even analysis. In addition, a stand-alone Executive Summary should include summaries of each essential elements of the business plan. A solid business plan, a strategic marketing and a complete continuity plan are essential elements to your long-term success and peace of mind.

You have two options when writing your business plan: you can either do it yourself or hire somebody.If you are seeking capital of less than $200,000, consider creating the plan yourself after taking a class or reading some books or getting some coaching for someone who has written successful business plans.Now if you consider hiring somebody to write your business plan for you (and this is the ideal way of doing it), it will usually cost you between five or ten thousand dollars.

If the above options are not affordable to you time wise or money wise, you could also make a small investment in some business planning software. Whatever the case, if you decide to go out and raise money to buy or start a business and do not put together a business plan, the chances of you getting the money is zero and none.