Small Business Secret Weapon

Overseeing the daily operations of a business is an enormous task if one hasn’t the necessary skills or, frankly, time to manage it all. Enter the secret weapon: a Virtual Assistant, or VA. VAs work with clients to identify tasks or projects that need to get done but for whatever reason are only marginally completed, left for eight months on the list of “things to do today” or become a fond memory of what might have been. Once identified, the client has the VA complete those tasks or projects.

The services a VA offers depends on the needs of the client and the skills of the VA. A few of the most common services include: general administrative support, writing/editing services, event planning, concierge services, business procedure development and start up assistance to new businesses. If a company needs something done, there is a VA out there who can do it.

Collaboration with a VA could be seen as unnecessary or costly to some but it’s important to consider the value a VA can offer. Clients only pay for the services the VA provides and nothing more because they are contract workers not employees. In turn, clients use this new found time to do business, not juggle it.

Whether an increase in profits, improved organizational procedures or a much-needed vacation is part of the business plan, working with a VA can help any small business realize its goals. VAs provide the professional support and peace of mind of not having to go it alone. That, indeed, is true value.