Successful Business Mindset

Thinking positive isn’t enough

Whilst thinking positive thoughts definitely helps, thoughts alone don’t put cash in the bank.

So, whilst you definitely need to keep your mind as positive as possible, you can’t survive purely on positive thoughts.

Put your ideas into action

Again, your ideas may be good and they may have lots of potential. But if you don’t put your ideas into action, no-one will know.

There are almost as many starving inventors as their are starving artists.

Because, to be brutally honest with you, ideas are two a penny.

You probably gets hundreds, maybe even thousands, every day.

But unless you’re putting them into practice they’re worth as much as the thought bubbles they’re created on.

Which is basically zero.

This means that part of having a successful business mindset is the process of analysing your thoughts and ideas, giving them some kind of score and then actually putting the best one or two into practice.

A lot of successful business people keep an ideas journal close by themselves at all times. Because you never know when an idea will pop up – often the best ones happen in the dead of night when your subconscious mind has almost total control over your brain – or whether you’ll have a handy phone or computer to jot them down on.

Besides, there’s an extra process that goes on with your mind when you write something down that gives the idea extra “body” and helps it to form.

Seek help

Not only did it take longer than a day to build Rome, it took rather more than one person.

And the same goes for your business and the mindset that goes with it.

Everyone needs help, whether they admit this to themselves or not.

And not everyone you turn to is suited to helping you.

You can get inspiration from business books – the shelves of places like Amazon are groaning at the weight of these – and some of them are truly inspirational. A lot of others are OK and may or may not resonate with you. And a few – fortunately very few – leave you wondering why they were printed in the first place.

But books don’t answer back in the way that, say, a partner or a business coach does.

Forums can be a good place to get help to improve your business mindset but you need to be careful who you listen to and it can be more effort than it’s worth to filter out the naysayers.

Or you can work on your subconscious mind with things like meditation and hypnosis – these can work well, especially when they’re used in conjunction with other methods to develop your successful business mindset.