Most clients do not expect to have an in-depth discussion about disability insurance with their wealth management advisor.  It seems reasonable to assume that disability insurance is a topic better suited for an insurance professional.  However, if you own a small business – and shoulder the accompanying risks and responsibilities of doing business in these challenging times – examining the nuances of disability insurance and understanding the part it plays in your comprehensive financial management plan is absolutely a conversation your wealth management advisor should have with you.

This question-and-answer article is designed to help small business owners better understand the disability insurance/wealth management relationship.

Why Am I Discussing Disability Insurance With My Wealth Management Advisor? 

As a small business owner navigating today’s particularly challenging entrepreneurial and economic environment, you appreciate that your current and future wealth/financial security is directly related to you being able to competently manage and lead your business.  But what if you couldn’t?  Being unable to manage your business for any significant amount of time could spell disaster for your business and your family.  It is possible that your business might never recover if you suffered a severe, prolonged disability, completely derailing even the best laid … Read the rest