Building a Sellable Business


The first thing I will like to mention is standardizing services or products. In the onset of a business, an entrepreneur figures things out as he/she develops. As time elapses, the entrepreneur figures out what works and settles into a way of doing business. This usually happens at the $100,000 mark. The problem with this is the knowledge is embedded in the head of the owner. The owner often fails to communicate this knowledge to new hires. There is kind of an “unspoken standard” or “way of doing things”. People learn “the unspoken way” haphazardly. By not standardizing, the owner’s loses 50% of the value of the business when it is time to sell. Nobody wants to buy a business when all the knowledge is in the owners’ head and if they do there are usually lots of contingencies tied to the Nsouly.


Most entrepreneurs have this false belief that they are the best: No one can do anything as well as they do and without them the business will fail. This false belief enslaves them into believing they have to work harder than anyone to achieve success. They have a hard time even getting away from their … Read the rest

Set Up A Profitable Landing Page

  • Know what its purpose is
    Is the idea to generate new leads or to generate new sales? OR maybe, you just want to get an idea of what people want from you and your business? Before you set up the landing page, have a very clear idea of what you want to make happen.

  • Keep it very simple
    This is not a blog page where you have lots of words that draw people in but do not actually get them to take an action. This also should not have too many options on it for things that your visitors can do on the page. When they come the page, the goal should be very obvious from the get-go. Having clarified the purpose, make sure visitors are also clear what you want them to do. Keep the purpose of each landing page limited to ONE thing.
  • Have a Clear Call to action
    Assume nothing! You may think it is clear what you want prospects to do but they may not share your clarity. As mentioned in the last point, you need to ensure the page lends itself to clarity but also, have a clear opt-in box somewhere they can see clearly,
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Strategic Partnerships

No matter the individual, there will always be some aspect to a business where they could use additional assistance. Trying to figure out this the aspect of the business on an individual basis is possible, but can be costly by costing them valuable time, resources and money. Whether it is accounting, technology, marketing, legal, etc… there are outside resources and individuals that can assist an entrepreneur in building the business. Strategically partnering with someone who compliments your own given skill sets will help a business grow that much faster and can be a great determining factor on whether or not the business is a success.

There are disadvantages to bringing in a partner or additional help. When bringing in an additional partner you may not retain as much equity in your company as you originally had wished. A lot of entrepreneurs struggle with this notion because they feel they it is their idea and they deserve to own all of it. What entrepreneurs need to understand is that a strategic partner can be the difference between succeeding and failing. It is better to own part of a successful business, than all of a failing one. Even if not giving up … Read the rest


Becoming An Online Entrepreneur

Have Clear Goals For Your Business

When you start a business online, you need to have clear, specific goals. Being clear on what it is you want to accomplish is an important first step.It’s more than just coming up with an idea. You have to write down your objectives and know how you will achieve them.

Produce A Plan

Once you have set your goals, you have to develop a plan for success. To do this you need a product or service that people will buy from you. You have to know what you are going to sell, who you are going to sell it to, how you are going to sell it to them and how much you are going to sell it for.

Take Action

Next, it’s time to take action Action steps require more than just thinking about them. Announce to everyone you can what your action steps are and that will make you answerable to your word.

Use Outsourcing And Automation

Every successful online entrepreneur does not do everything themselves. You will need to outsource certain tasks and use software that can automate operations for you. Outsourcing helps you to avoid tasks that drain … Read the rest

About Brainstorming Unique Business Ideas

According to Wikipedia “brainstorming is a group creativity technique that was designed to generate a large number of ideas for the solution of a problem.” Brainstorming business ideas should be uncensored. No idea is dumb or impossible and each person’s contribution is equally valuable. The mail clerk’s ideas are as valued as the President’s.

In order to step outside of the existing business or industry framework, participants must “erase” their memories and pretend they know nothing about what is (or is not) possible. Consider each idea with equal thoughtfulness, no matter how outlandish. The task at hand when brainstorming truly unique business ideas is to free-associate, generating as many ideas as you can.

Brainstorming via the Five Senses

There’s nothing more boring than a sterile conference room. Yet this is where many new business idea / concept development sessions take place, in a room with four blank walls and no stimuli (far from the best atmosphere for brainstorming new ideas). Brainstorming sessions need “springboards” to get the creative juices flowing.

One technique for breaking out and generating innovative business, product, or service ideas is to get all of the external senses involved. Try filling colorful gift bags with small items … Read the rest

Business Process Consulting

A Small Business Cannot Run on Passion Alone

Passion is critical in small business, but it must be channeled and directed. Single-minded focus is gained only by going through a deep thinking, soul-searching process that delivers a clear sense of Mission, Vision and Values.

This process must occur at the personal level and then be reflected in the business itself, through words that spell out the Mission, Vision and Values in easily understood language.

These words become the primary essence of the business. For the small business person, these statements spell out their beliefs and assumptions about their business and inform everything that they think, say and do.

Every morning, when the successful small business person gets out of bed, it is with a real sense of purpose, namely, to fulfill his or her Mission.

Their Mission, Vision and Values are well understood within their business, and they are the critical clauses of the employment contract that everyone in the business signs up for.

Mission, Vision and Values inform and shape all business policy development and the processes and measures that are put in place to ensure disciplined execution.

Making Good Strategic Decisions

Once the value base of the business … Read the rest

Intellectual Property

True success is found when you win awards over and over again. Wealth goes up and down, but winning awards means you are solidified in history. There are cases where you might want to take advantage of building money values to get into the books, but you ought to think twice. Entertainment usually serves as the perfect catalyst to intellectual property. When you work in entertainment almost nobody cares about your success unless its worthwhile. Entertainment is one of the most crowded fields in the business. If you pay close attention you can design your winning ways by winning awards. Awards help carve out excellence. Let me explain.

When you submit your body of works for award eligibility you craft your work for excellence. Anyone can make a project, but those who exclusively chase awards quickly find success. There is no limit to the amount of success you want to achieve. If you believe you can be the best you will be the best with superb work ethic. Never shy away from success it isn’t dangerous. The biggest names in the business will tell you over and over about their failures. The main topic when rising again is to learn … Read the rest

About Successful Business Campaign

When you are looking for a way to advertise or promote your brand, posters are some of the cheapest tools that can be used as a form of marketing. These are especially handy for smaller businesses that are operating in a small country wherein every money making opportunity is very important. Aside from purchasing a cheap promotional material for your advertising campaign, you can further reduce your costs by finding a printing service provider that offers discounts to their clients.

There are many small businesses that place their posters in places wherein people can pass by and see them all the time. This kind of successful business campaign strategy arouses the interest of many individuals and is a good way to convince them to do something. These posters are flexible tools that can also be customized for large or small initiatives. They can act as teasers for an upcoming campaign or even that is run by your brand, getting existing and potential customers excited on what is about to come. You can also design your posters to give the public a full campaign instead and show your target market what the latest trends are.

Sophisticated software applications today allow a … Read the rest

Business Plan Is So Important

There are so many types of people in this world. A farmer may be need a truck rather than sports car. A single person may not need a van. There many car and trucks available in the markets. They fulfill all their costumer needs. But they have the same mission. Their mission is the get from Point A to Point B. It will take you where you want to be.

Same with business plan, your just want to get to Point B. There many different type of business that can get you to point B. So must you must improve your business to get you goal. Business plan will determine you progress. Without a plan, your business just like a blind person who didn’t know where to go and where are you at.

Focus on where you want to be rather that what should be your business vehicle. But you must consider to most efficient business that available. The choice is yours, you can have a cheap business vehicle that took you years to arrive at you goal or you may want to use a bit amount of money to guarantee your goal in a much shorter time.

Write your … Read the rest

Sharing Office Space

Earn Some Extra Money

Renting office space can be very expensive, especially if you are doing so in a prime location. Therefore if you have some desks going spare you might find that renting them out to another person or company can help earn some extra money for you to put towards your own rent.
Having extra money coming each month can help with your cashflow and even help to expand your businesses by potentially increasing the amount that you feel able to spend on wooing new clients.

Reduce Overheads

When you are running your own business one of the main things to think about is how to keep your overheads down. This is a key contributor to good cashflow management which is at the heart of business success.

Sharing office space helps you reduce the amount you spend on rent each month. As such it is an excellent way to reduce your overheads and manage your cashflow.

Expand Your Business

As well as saving and even making you money, sharing office space can be provide a great opportunity to expand your business.
After all, if you share an office with people in synergistic businesses (in other words whose area … Read the rest