What are the marketing trends for 2021?

Despite the chaos of 2020, eCommerce sales shot through the roof as more people were involved in online buying and selling. Also, people spent more time on social media and this has led to a significant shift in the way brands are now doing business.

There are many ways to market your business in 2021. You could consider using the services of a platform like Vistaprint.no to produce stickers, labels, signs, photo gifts, bags and clothes that bear your brand name and logo. However, you should first read what other people in Norway are saying about the platform on NorskeAnmeldelser before you patronize them. Here are the marketing trends for 2021:

Increase in influencer content and live-streams

Due to the pandemic, events were canceled, and people couldn’t attend physical gatherings to socialize with their family. As such, more people spent time tuning into live streams, whether it was from their favorite celebrity or a major business brand. Also, brands now employ social media influencers to create human-driven content that makes people trust the brand and leverage the in-the-moment connection most people craved during the pandemic. What makes the live streams more interesting is that they were shoppable, so consumers Read the rest