Car Types and Its Impact on Car Insurance Premiums

In India, Insurance is seen as a heavily complex matter and a necessary evil. Thus, most purchase car insurance merely because it is made mandatory by law. But what most do not realize is that purchasing insurance is pretty simple nowadays. With the advent of online policies and facilities of comparing and contrasting various car policies; You can choose the best fit and enjoy all the security and benefits that come with the policy.

One of the most sensitive points for any customer is the car insurance premium that he/she is required to pay. Most are unaware of the nitty-gritty involved in the calculation of the premium amount. We solve the riddle to an extent by throwing light on one of the important parameters used to calculate your car premium i.e. your car type. Stay hooked!

The correlation between the car type and the car insurance premium

Most believe that the car model and make do not affect the payable premium amount. But the fact is that it plays a vital role in determining the premium amount. As a thumb rule, you need to pay a higher insurance premium amount for a more expensive car.

To understand this further, let us first understand the three broad categories of cars. They are:

  • Hatchback

It is one of the most common types of a car owned by most people and is defined by its rear door opening upwards. Most such cars have four-door configuration excluding the rear door but you can find few two-door cars in this category as well. Maruti Suzuki Alto 800, Hyundai Grand i10 are examples of such cars. MINI Cooper S 3 Door is a type of two-door hatchback.

Being the most common type of car; these attract the standard premium.

  • Sedan

A sedan typically has four doors and a typical boot/trunk. One of its technical characteristics is that it has a 3-box configuration. Each of the boxes is respectively used for engine, passenger and cargo. These are considered premium cars and attract a higher premium than the former category.

  • Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV)

It is typically a big and luxurious car that is built on a body-on-frame-chassis. It has sports increased ground clearance and offers both soft-roaders and off-roaders capabilities to some extent. They are often flashy and expensive and attract a much higher premium.

Apart from these, you find various other categories like the crossover, coupe, etc. which are a combination of one or two of the broad categories. Based on its features and pricing, the premium amount is calculated.

Why do the car model and make, impact the car insurance premium?

On a basic level, two major factors make your car model and make, an important consideration for the calculation of the premium amount.

  • IDV and its associated parameters

An integral and important part of any Car Insurance Policy is the IDV of the car or the Insured Declared Value. It is the market value of your car and the maximum amount that any insurance company will pay you if your car gets damaged beyond repair. It is for this exact reason that the price of your car impacts your car premium.

It is for this reason that that Hatchback has the least premium amount while the high-end SUVs and sedans have a higher premium rate.

Another important factor is the year of manufacture of your car and the date of registration of the car. An older model is less likely to have its spare parts available in the market. It implies that the repairing of the car would not only take more time but also prove more expensive due to the rare availability of the car parts. It would inevitably imply a higher premium.

The fuel used to drive your car is another important consideration. For instance, compared to petrol-driven cars; diesel-driven cars attract a higher premium.

  • Car Claims

Another important factor that most car insurance companies pay heed to is microscopically understanding the ratio of the claims and the car types. There are specific cars that are most stolen or are more vulnerable to get damaged. Thus, even if your car is a hatchback but heads the list of most stolen cars or is highly vulnerable to damage; it will attract a higher premium.

A flashy or a sports car might have comparatively less premium as it might be least likely to be stolen.

Wrapping up

By now, we understand how the car type and model impact the car premium amount but several other factors also play a key role in determining the premium for your car like the type of car insurance, security features of your car, the anti-theft device installed, add-ons, etc. You can easily ponder over everything and make the best decision with your car insurance policy.

Need to Stop Doing As an Entrepreneur

Focusing on too many things

Entrepreneurs have the special powers of constantly attempting to be superheroes. They tend to think that they can offer their 2 cents of knowledge to every department working towards their dream. This leads into focusing on to too many things. This habit often results in them being unable to offer their 100% to almost any of the tasks they put their hands in. An entrepreneur must understand that they must focus on departments in which they specialize, for the rest they can simply recruit and oversee. Focusing on too many things can also lead to entrepreneurial depression.

Chasing money and random opportunities

At times, entrepreneurs start pursuing money and in the process forget the purpose of creating their startup. There is no quicker way to drown your enterprise than start chasing too many things. Entrepreneurs have a habit of being on the lookout to make money and also seek random opportunities but in the process they tend to forget about the task at hand. The sign of a good entrepreneur is their habit of being unshakable and focused.

Taking your competition for granted

Consider this as a cardinal sin. Many entrepreneurs once they taste success tend to develop a habit of taking their competition for granted. We have witnessed far too many organizations collapse because they allowed their competitors to sneak in from the backdoor and take their position. This habit gets developed slowly but is surely disastrous. Even if you are the only one in your product category, never take your competition for granted.

Start an Internet Home Business

I say this because many online ventures start off with articles. This means people writing about subjects like I am here to draw the reader in, provide some excellent information and then send them onto somewhere else.

Does that sound like something you can do ? Well if you can write about a subject you like and can write a 500 word article maybe once per week then you can start to be an internet marketer ! How about that. You don’t even need your own product. You can start promoting other peoples products. How do you start ? Well search online for “internet business plan” and search through the results. You’ll find some plans that are excellent and will show you how to start.

So an internet career is certainly one you can undertake. It’s actually best if you are a one person outfit because you can concentrate on the task at hand. Additionally there are loads of support forums with people like you who are starting off in their internet career.

It’s best to start with article marketing because a) you don’t need a product, b) you don’t really need to spend much money on advertising such as Google AdWords and c) it will give you an excellent grounding in how to promote products and then maybe in the future you can start to develop your own ecommerce business or selling ebooks perhaps ?

So where do you start? Well, if you found the internet business plan I was discussing a good way to begin is to go to a site called clickbank – This is an affiliate site where thousands of people sell and promote products. Have a look through. The most popular products are being promoted by a lot of people so you will find it hard to compete – so have a look through some of the other products and see if there is something that you know something about so you can write about.

Remember that the best ways of promotion is if you compete in a niche – but not a big niche, a niche within something you have found. Don’t start on internet marketing products either. Most people who have no experience try and sell other internet marketers other IM products. It’s not going to wash well. So if you have a passion for animals, then promote animal related items. If you have a passion for health , then promote heath products… well you get the picture.

Have Belief in Business

Belief in God

I was talking to a multi-millionaire this weekend. We started talking about faith and he shared a great concept with me. He said, “I don’t know how people do it without faith. They have nothing above them to keep them from being dishonest.” He went on to explain that when people don’t have some sort of faith, they can do whatever they want. In business, that could mean taking advantage of others and running a business with little or no ethics. (It happens!)

Starting with a foundation that there is a God and He is bigger than us helps us get perspective about our place in the universe. We are part of something God is doing here on earth, and because of that, we want to help people and honor God with all of our decisions.

Belief in self

After we have a strong foundation in God, we must have a strong belief in ourselves. This one may be harder for some of us depending on what kind of family we come from. See, if we have been told we are worthless or that we will never amount to anything, those seeds of doubt can still grow even when our business is successful.

We must look at the belief in God first and build who we are based on what He says about our lives. Think about it for a moment. You may have had someone in your life tell you that you are not good enough, but our value does not come from people. Our value comes from God.

God calls us His children. He sent Jesus to earth for us. He loves us even when we were stuck in stupidity and sin. That means the God of the universe, who created us and everything in it, says we are good enough. We should revel in the fact that we are more than good enough for this world.

Belief in business

I know a lot of articles that would start with the belief in business, but I have found that other two must be foundational to what we do as Christian entrepreneurs. We must have a strong belief in God, which tells us who we are in this world, which informs what we do for our business.

In business, we are here to help others. We find a product or service that can benefit another person and offer it to them at a valuable price. Business is that simple. Yet, at the core of what we do in business, we must think about how God wants to impact the world and how our lives touches others.

Putting our beliefs together

I have talked to many people who want to start a certain business ‘because it will make good money.’ They jump on the bandwagon only to find it is a lot harder than they think and since they are focused on the money, they are never fulfilled in their business. They jump from business to business never really finding their place in the world.

I don’t want that to happen to you. I want you to have a strong core belief that God wants you to be in business. I want you to see that God created you with a strong purpose in this world to touch lives. And, God, the creator of everything, gave you the blessings and opportunities to be in business for Him.

Taking action

Do a quick evaluation for your life.

  • Start with God. What is your core belief in God? Is it based on a strong knowledge of scripture? If so, keep it up. If not, jump into some biblical studies and dig into God’s word.
  • Check on self.¬†What is your purpose? Do you really believe that God put you on earth for a purpose? He did! If you are having trouble with your identity find a good friend, pastor or counselor. Really dig into who you are and find the truth of who God created you to be.
  • Evaluate your business. Why did God put you in your business? How does God want you to impact the world and share His love through your business? If you are not sure, dig into scriptures, join a Christian entrepreneur group, or just talk to a solid Christian mentor in your life.

How can You Ship Domestics from Door to Door?

Go abroad for traveling or shipment for shortly or permanently transferring the domestic furniture or necessaries creates a major problem. Manage vehicles, packing properly for carrying; receive carefully, etc. the toughest work. In this case, will help you.

What about US Domestic Shipping?

Shipment from one place to another place safely is not easy work. Need more serious concern about it. Luggagetoship is an online service that is always ready to provide service for you. Now you can travel free in the mood without any extra pressure.

From this service, you can transfer your domestic necessaries, luggage, golf clubs, skis, boxes, sport equipment, business meeting materials, and many more things. You can ship from your place to the USA, US or other 220 countries. Your domestics are shipping by DHL, FedEx, etc.

With a very low price comparing with another online service, you can find that we are the best. You can save your 70% shipping cost and enjoy the best service. You just drop off your domestics from your door and go to your destination without any burden.

Luggagetoship is also alert about your domestic damages. If once happens some abnormalities can give the insurance coverage. This insurance coverage may cover up to 20,000 USD. So hope you understand how carefully they handle your domestics during shipment. Now you can easily do your US domestics shipping through luggagetoship.

How Place Door to Door Luggage Service?

Luggagetoship gives you the door to door luggage service. You can ship different types of items through it. It has some extra facility which makes it more popular and confidential to the people. Luggagetoship collect your domestics or things from your door, it may be from your hotel, house, school, office or any other place.

Just drop off your domestics from your door and receive your domestics from your destination door. At first, contact us and find out the nearest DHL, FedEx service for dropping off your domestics. They collect your domestic products from your door and packing, labeling and locking properly.

Take extra care for your fragile items or some valuable items. Shipping labels are placing at the label pouch and facing the tracking barcode at the outside. Tightly pouch the stick at the luggage tag and make more secure by placing it at the top handle of the bag.

Also, put an extra-label inside the bag. So, no tension about lost your domestics. You just keep in note properly your check-in and check-out date, delivery location, room number or receiver contact number. That’s why it is known as door to door luggage service to all.


Luggagetoship is a trusted online service. Through it, you can ship your domestics to the USA, US or other 220 countries within 2 days or 3 days. You can storage your domestic in the warehouse for 6 months long without any cost. So, we can say about is the best and you make a smarter and lighter trip.

Home Based Business Marketing

  • Get organized and write a marketing plan. You cannot hope to market your business intelligently and effectively if you are making spur of the moment marketing decisions. Home based business marketing is no different to other businesses in this respect. Even if your marketing budget consists of the change left over after your monthly shopping, you still want to use that efficiently and to maximum effect.
  • Your marketing should not only be advertising. Advertising is a marketing tool that you can use but there are many other marketing tools you can use to market your home based business – and many of them will be cheaper than advertising.
  • Define your target market. In other words know who your ideal customer is and where and how you can reach them. Recognise that you cannot hope to meet everyone’s expectations and needs – so don’t try to. Be specific in your marketing efforts.
  • Make a plan to measure and record your results. What could be more annoying than having an increase in sales but not knowing why? By recording and measuring your marketing efforts you can drop those that are not working and fine tune the ones that are.
  • Always, always work to a budget, irrespective of how small this may be. Tie the budget into your marketing plan and stick to it. Far too many businesses (of all sizes) get burnt financially when they overstep their marketing budget and don’t get the expected returns.

Get Independent Income

There are two ways of getting independent income; bill by the hour or make money on sales margins. Billing by the hour can be anything from babysitting to designing websites or construction work. Making money on sales margins can be anything from reselling items on eBay to selling items to customers you contact. We will focus on this form of independent income today and as an example we will use the OFYR (steel fire bowl / bbq) as I have been consulting with this company in the US but any similar product will do. The important thing here is to get involved with a product that you are excited about and that will allow you to sell it outside your normal working hours. At least for now!

In case of the OFYR, it’s target markets are upscale businesses like hotels and restaurants as well as upscale consumers. None of these potential clients need be visited during regular business hours, in fact, it might actually be beneficial to visit them after hours. Perfect! In selecting your product, also make sure that the commitment the company makes to you can match the commitment you make to the company. In some industries, it is customary that sales territories are established so make sure you look into this. By showing products to potential clients, you will quickly gain experience in what people are looking for and what features resonate the most with your customers. Once you get the hang of this, selling is lots of fun!

On the back end, you need to work with a company that does the shipping and billing for you or you need to set up your own system. To start with, I recommend having the company you represent do this paperwork for you as they are typically already set up to handle all of this. The easiest way for you to initiate orders is by telling the company that you are working with specific clients or are working in a specific area and have your customers call in their orders with the company directly. You will then receive your commission check in the mail the following month and you will also receive the proper tax forms at the end of the year. One less hassle to deal with. This is just one example of a simple way to get independent income. Look for products you would like to get involved with and contact the companies. You’ll be surprised how many are looking for people just like you. Try it, you might be surprised at the results!

About Traits of Successful Business Women

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

In order to be successful in your home based business, you must be a go-getter and understand that it takes a lot of effort and perseverance to start your own business. You must understand that building your own business takes a lot of creativity and a lot of advertising. You must have the proper mind set to understand how a home business works, and that it takes time to make a business profitable. Your success truly depends on how hard you are willing to work for it. You must have a strong desire to succeed.

Self Confidence

You don’t have to be an overly outgoing person to have self confidence. As a home business owner, you will experience many bumps in the road, and these are the times when self belief will come in handy. You will also have to learn to sell yourself, both in person and on paper. Whether you are hosting at home meetings or parties to sell your products, or utilizing social media tools, it takes confidence to advertise your business properly.

Excellent Writing Skills

Whether you are using article marketing, blogging, social media, newspaper ads, or flyers to advertise your business, you must have up to par writing skills. If you have terrible grammar or misspelled words, you are going to lose a tremendous amount of credibility. Make sure that your writing is as close to perfect as humanly possible. Find someone to proofread, read your material out loud to yourself, and don’t rely solely on your spell check.

Work & Life Balance

We all juggle that precious balance with work, family and our health.

Ignoring any one of these areas for too long will affect the quality of our lives and those who are important to us.

But, as entrepreneurs or small business owners, sometimes our schedules get crazier than ever! We have a lot on our plates and even more tasks pile up during the course of our work week.

The trick in keeping work and life balanced is to try to keep things running smoothly by tackling each situation with care.

Be sure to keep in mind how important it is to enjoy what is good about your day and do your best to master all the facets of it and still come away with a day complete with fulfillment.

  • When things pile up remember this is only temporary.
  • Try to remain flexible as tasks start to bury you.
  • Remember you are only human and despite your determination there is only so much that can be done in 24 hours.
  • Sometimes, if you allow it, the fast pace of life can be enjoyable if you attempt to feel the fun.

Communicating the need for support is not a sin. Delegating to others can lighten the load you carry.

With this in mind, it is possible to find the time, however minimal for family and maintaining health.

You will have to learn to multi task and be willing to bring some of your activities to a temporary halt.

Avoid wasting time and energy and keep your hands full. It is a great way to keep boredom at a distance.

Stay away from being stuck in a situation that robs you of the benefits you could otherwise be enjoying. When you get stuck, take a break and explore something else you can devote your time to.

The act of balancing life is all about your willingness to be flexible.

Depending on the circumstance you are dealing with, you may need to go back and forth between your endeavors to complete the task at hand, taking steps that require patience for a positive outcome.

The most difficult piece of maintaining balance with work, family and health, is realizing the importance of watching out for ourselves as we begin to lose that delicate balance.

Be prepared when your life balance starts to tip.

  • Don’t take more tasks on than you can actually handle.
  • Be careful with your responsibilities and be dependable with family, friends and your clients.
  • Always be trustworthy and never go back on your word. Your reputation is extremely important in the business world.
  • Do it right the first time… Don’t take short cuts.

Attaining success with anything we do has everything to do with self- discipline. Keep this reminder in the forefront of your mind, especially as you make daily decisions that will affect the delicate balance we call life.