The Issue of Tax and Selling gold

Investing in gold is the smart thing to do if you want security in your future. There are a lot of ways you can invest in gold. One of the best ways is to buy gold bullion bars and coins. You may have heard people talk about how much gold is a great hedge in times of crisis. This is because whilst paper currencies like the US or Australian dollar are susceptible to inflation and economic uncertainty, geopolitical risks, and pandemic, gold thrives in such situations and does not lose value. In fact, many people are falling back on their gold investments during this critical time in the history of the world where we are dealing with a novel viral pandemic. Having gold right now could help you weather the hard-economic reality that everyone is facing.

Gold bullion is easy and convenient to liquidate. There are hundreds of gold dealers all over Australia that buy used gold for cash to resell to refineries. In addition to worrying about the amount of money, they stand to make when they sell gold bullion, a lot of people often wonder what the tax implications are when you sell or buy gold bullion in … Read the rest