Make Money Fast Assessment

Problem #1 Having to deal with human resources is a complete pain

People who have not graduated with the respected degree you have, now have you by the throat. Assuming you get by the interview process, you now have to abide by their bogus 90 day probation rules. You are put in a position where you have to be an alpha at work and a beta when you are with your co-workers and your insubordinate bosses.

Problem #2 You have to do things you hate

The things you do everyday is vital to your employers success in making money. However, that does not mean you enjoy doing it every single day. In a recent study conducted by a popular career website, it was said that the odds of a perfect position in the workforce perfectly matching your passion are slim to none.

Problem #3 The low pay you receive

Unfortunately, you will never make as much money as you bring into your employer’s pockets. Once Uncle Sam takes his cut, and you take into account the expense of your commuting, you will realize that you are not where you want to be. When your yearly review comes, if you are a great worker, you will only get a 3 to 5% raise.

The Solution – Here is the best way to make money fast

If you want to learn how to make money fast you must search for the right home business opportunity. People all over the world have done the impossible. They have quit their careers or jobs and earn seven figures or more every month doing something they love.

They are able to make money fast by the 40-45% commissions they receive rather than the 10 to 15% commissions you receive in the workforce. They are able to work on their terms and profit on their effort.

Start Internet Marketing Lessons

When starting a new business it does not mean that you will go to gain hundreds of dollar in the following day. Moreover, an online home based business opportunity demands an exclusive time for learning initially.

Everything starts from a human being interaction process. It is where there is the creation and reproduction of knowledge. And this interaction is over all online. A newbie will receive lessons and will be invited to participate of forums. It is an excellent place to learn what other entrepreneurs are building.

In the case of the virtual learning processes, where it has been the Internet marketing learning majority, the initial interactions are among newbies and gurus.

In this process of interaction, the guru will offer step by step so that newbie will learn how to work with online home based business opportunity.

An important point therefore, for the new entrepreneurs, it is to learn how to point itself in front 3 questions. First, it answers the question about who it is. It deals about an important definition of its professional identity.

It is important to have an accurate definition, exactly knowing that it is not static or goes forever. This definition facilitates to line up the daily hard work with the goals that the new entrepreneur will write to itself in the new business.

The second question is what is its special offer so that it could make the difference? It will be different when it search and get better positions in the social game, in the market of the ideas and the merchandises.

The importance for newbie is to create its proper style. Any person can make the difference online, since it polishes its proper identity in the businesses.

And third, why the people must care themselves with your special offer? We are speaking of the entrepreneur undertaken meaning.

The developed businesses online are not so different of the businesses offline. What does it mean? It is simple. In fact, there is no business in the world that is faster or easier to launch. When we all make businesses we produce a sense to that practice. And it is very important to its development.

If I commercialize a product through my web page, I image that this product will be consumed by one determined type of customers. And if I make him to understand he has necessity of that product the customer will buy it from me. In other words, my salesman paper must be to show my customer why it needs my product.

One dictated says that the people do not care themselves how much you know, but how much you care yourself with them. You must consider thinking about this.

Thus, if you have clarity of your identity with the new online home based business, how to locate its product and why its product is salable, you certainty will be more competitive.


My Music is Going Places

I have been singing since I can remember. My family was heavily involved in our local church, so I grew up in children’s choir. As I got older, I became the worship leader, which is something I still enjoy to this day. I knew I wanted to make music my career, so I did some homework to see how to make this happen. When I came across an article explaining how to buy music plays for Spotify or Soundcloud, I knew that I was going to do that myself. I use Spotify every day, so it just blew my mind that I could be one of the featured artists on there for other people.

Of course, it does not work exactly like that. I was able to find a company that had several different packages available to get my songs played on Spotify. The nice thing about this is that the prices of these packages are so affordable that I was able to afford the premium package without any problem. What I liked is that it guarantees me a certain number of plays on the music platform, so I naturally wanted the premium package since it would be played thousands of times on it.

The entire process was easy, and I knew that my career was going to change as soon as I made that decision. I am going to continue to be a worship leader because that is where my heart is, but now I can have a music ministry that is going to go outside the walls of my church because of this. Spotify is one of the most popular music apps, and my music is going to be available on there. This is going to open up doors for me that would have otherwise not even been available!

About Cash, Credit, Or Contracts

First on the list is money. We all love cash right? Who doesn’t want to feel like a high roller. Can you really sit on a fat credit uncomfortable? How many spine alignments has fat cash ruined, huh? Well, I’m writing this article so I’m exempt. Anyways cash has benefits except it is not exempt from inflation. The money theory one dollar today isn’t one dollar two decades from now. Can imagine all your savings lost to inflation? We have to think money rules right? Yeah, for a little encouragement it’s a good idea to invest your money in a business or house.

Credit is by far the hardest one to manage among the three you think you are doing the right thing by making payments right? There are too many factors which affects your credit. Sometimes the smallest installments cause many to think well its easy. Credit is as mundane as the section of this article. You fix and then you have to maintain it. Cash does not have to be maintained you keep cash worry free and make it worry free. You really do not have to pay taxes on money Uncle Sam has no idea you made right?

Contracts are simple once the guidelines have been established. When you make contracts make sure you make the most of your contract. When you are on a starter contract try not to overproduce. When you make a contract make sure you know how to void your contract. Contracts are the best way to do things in life. Can you make a deal life without a contract? Out of all the things mentioned contracts are the best, but cash and credit are just as good. Contracts work out the best for employers because it stays on the books fixed including incentives.

In conclusion there are many ways you pick, but unfortunately you can only focus one if you want to keep your sanity. There are many people who will pick cash because it’s easy, but contracts are the better choice. Do you really think you can approach the bank asking for $20 million dollar loan? You decide what’s best for you. There is no wrong answer when handling money mismanagement is mismanagement.

Ways to Better Revenue For Business

Raising your prices may back fire.

Let’s start with the obvious, raising your prices will gain more money, but how many customers will you lose? Will the amount of increase on the sale cover the cost of the lost customers? Will the current economy support your raise in prices?

You must do lots of market research and poll your customers directly. No one likes to pay more, especially for the same products. If you need to raise prices and have ‘regular’ customers, consider having new prices for all new customers. This will help you take care of your current customers and still raise your prices for the future.

Getting more customers means you are prepared for more customers

Many people think that they must get more customers if they want to get more money. I always ask my clients, “If you got 100 new customers, would you honestly be able to handle that additional business?” Getting more customers works if you have a system set up to turn your leads into customers and your customers into lifetime fans of you and your company.

Getting more from the customers you already have

The next two strategies are new to a lot of business owners. It involves the customers you already have. Too many people close the sale, give the product or service and the transaction stops there. I would offer the fact that the transaction STARTS at that moment.

There have been numerous studies asking people why they switched companies. The number one reason usually goes something like this: “I did not feel they cared for me anymore.”

If business owners take time to get to know their customers, they would have some valuable insight into what their customer’s needs were. They could then create a whole sales sequence to meet those needs and add more value to their customers.

Remember, business makes money when they add more value for their customers.

Getting customers to purchase more

Every business has a sales cycle. When someone buys, they are most open to your suggestions for new products. Think about the last time you bought a new car. They already sold you on the car, but they keep asking if you want ‘clear coat protection’ or tinted windows, or a better sound system, or a deluxe package, etc. They know the upsells that work for their customers.

An upsell is something that is offered that compliments what you are already selling. If you sell burgers, you naturally ask is someone wants cheese on their burger or if they want fries. If you are a lawyer, you ask if you clients want to keep you on retainer, ‘so nothing like this happens again.’

Get customers to buy more frequently

If you have a service that is needed often, like a maid service, you can easily suggest extra cleaning days in a month or specialized ‘deep cleaning’ services. However, if you are a plumber, you may not be fixing a toilet every month for a client, so what can you do?

First, you can create a reason to keep in touch with your customers. Send helpful information via email or in the mail. Keep your business name in front of any customer who has bought from you in the past. With our electronic world, sending thousands of emails is inexpensive and you can even automate the whole process.

Second, you can create a complimentary product. I have seen an air conditioning company starting to offer electrical services. It was natural for them to offer services that their employees were already skilled in. It also gave them an opportunity to talk to their customers about their newest services.

Improve Capacity for Reasoning

Gathering Facts

The right approach is thinking about facts in a detached, almost mathematical manner. Then, you formulate a proposition and try to find sufficient evidence to examine its validity:

  • Proposition: This is a profitable investment.
  • Evidence: A’s opinion on this is that…
  • B’s opinion on this is that…

Make sure you consider all opinions meriting your attention before reaching any conclusion.

Key Concepts

  • Inductive reasoning entails finding the reasons for a known conclusion, while deductive reasoning entails finding a conclusion for which the reasons are already known.
  • In inductive reasoning, facts are regarded as propositions that need supportive evidence; facts and hypotheses are essentially treated in the same way; any proposition can be fall into any of these two categories, depending on the circumstances.
  • A hypothesis can be described as a supposition about the relationship among a number of propositions for which there is substantial evidence. If the supposition is found to be acceptable, it becomes a proposition for which there is adequate evidence.

Useful Guidelines

The basic guidelines for dealing with hypotheses are:

  • If there is a hypothesis, test it out.
  • Don’t gather evidence ad infinitum.
  • After testing, stop thinking about the problem for some time.

Evaluation of Evidence

When the facts appear not to be helpful for reaching a conclusion, you may be tempted to search for more facts; but in this way, you may end up hiding the problem and procrastinating instead of working out a solution with the evidence you already have. So try to process the problem with as little as possible. Then, as already mentioned, forget about your problem. Sleep on it to let your unconscious mind take over and work out a solution, which will eventually emerge in your conscious mind!

Deductive Reasoning: Syllogism

The basic form of deductive reasoning is the syllogism, which comprises a primary premise, a secondary premise, and a conclusion drawn from the two premises. What follows is a deviation from the classic example employed for deductive reasoning, in which the word ‘man’ is used instead of woman:

  • Primary premise: All women are mortal.
  • Secondary premise: X is a woman.
  • Conclusion: X is mortal.


Attention Small Business Owners

The first thing you need to do to save money is to keep accurate records of your inventory and other business records. Take time to describe your assets, and jot down how you bought your property. Take time to insert dates of services and placement as well as other details, since you will need these records come tax day to save money.

You have a tax cut on space in your home. A certain amount of area in your home is a write off. I think about 6′ by nine unless you have a larger home business.

You can save money on business expense. Keep all your records and receipts on paper you buy, computers you invest in, or any other business necessities you may. You can even write off printers, fax machines, computers, or other losses that apply to your business.

You can also receive child allowances. If you have children and work at home, you can receive up to $1500 back from the IRS. Learn how and talk with your tax accountancy to see if you are eligible.

When you travel for business jot down how much money you spend in gas. Write in wear and tear of your vehicle and meals. You can get money back from the IRS, providing your travel and meals are for business purposes only.

If you have a business computer do not use it for anything other than business. The IRS will pay you back 100% if you use the machine for business owner. Buy a personal home computer for game player, etc.

You can get money back for phone expenses, fax expenses, bank fees, and utilities and can get money back for paying your rent. If you pay rent, keep your receipts so that you get a couple hundred returns.

You can save money on entertainment. In addition, you can save money on listed property, intangible assets, depreciation items, repairs, home improvement, real property, computer software, and more.


Hello, loves !!

For the party, a funky party or simply because you want a nice sexy dress for wedding in the closet – I can give you several reasons for you to invest in a frilly dress as soon as possible.

If you want to make an impact, believe me, there is no occasion when a shiny dress does not fulfill the mission. And taking advantage of the fact that the year is just beginning – and that there are still many parties and graduations to come – I prepared an unmissable selection of wonderful dresses that will save any look in the act!

Of course, glitz and glamor are not restricted to sequins. Metallic fabrics like lurex and lamé also come into play, as well as fringes and feathers that give texture and movement to the night look.

Plus size sequin dresses are an elegant choice for any evening dress, cocktail, prom, graduation, weddings and any other formal style. The V-neckline and lace bust add timeless glamor to the dress. A great choice!

And remember that it is not only with high heels that a powerful look is made. The glam of sequins and statement dresses also goes well with more stripped items, such as boots, sneakers or denim jackets.

With a velvety bodice and a sparkling sequined skirt, with rhinestones decorating the waist, this dress is worthy of a red carpet!

This elegant evening dress is perfect for all formal occasions, from evening parties, cocktail parties, weddings to prom. The sequin dress features a classic high neckline, long sleeves and a pleated mermaid skirt. Incredible, isn’t it?

Are you looking for a romantic, sparkly bridesmaid dress? How about the dress with a shoulder-to-shoulder neckline and a flowing tulle skirt? It is the perfect choice for any spring and summer wedding!

The plus size sequined burgundy bridesmaid dresses are perfect for all formal occasions, from evening parties, cocktail parties, weddings and even prom!

The one-shoulder sequin dress in blue green only has a flowing sash on the shoulder. A very different style for any event!

So, did you like my choices? Tell me in the comments!!