Kratom Storage Tips to Ensure Long-Term Potency

Once you’ve purchased kratom in any form, it’s up to you to figure out how to store it to ensure it remains potent and fresh. Knowing the do’s and don’ts of kratom storage will prevent degradation of the product.

Cool Temperatures Are Best

Kratom grows in tropical climates, but after harvesting, keeping it cool is best. Cooler temperatures prevent the alkaloids (active ingredient) from breaking down. If they break down completely, it renders the powder useless. Some options for cool storage include a refrigerator with an intact seal and no condensation, a cool drawer, closet, or cupboard, or a room with no windows.

Shade Is Suggested

Kratom doesn’t like sunlight. If the substance is exposed to UV rays, the potency will weaken. The more it is exposed to UV rays, the faster it will break down.

Don’t Expose to Oxygen

After finding where to buy kratom, you will notice the powder, leaves, or capsules are in a sealed, airtight container. This is because exposure to oxygen results in a stale product. Keeping it in an airtight container reduces this and also prevents it from spilling, which can be a huge mess.

Avoid Strong Smelling Scents

Kratom doesn’t have a powerful odor, but make sure not to store it near strong smelling items such as onions, certain cheeses, garlic, or something similar. These odors can be absorbed, which can affect your experience with the product. After all, who wants onion-smelling kratom?

Steer Clear of Moisture

When you purchase kratom, it’s dry. Keep it this way to maintain the potency. This is true for all versions of the product, including leaves, capsules, or powder.

Keeping Kratom Long Term

When stored properly, kratom lasts approximately a year. After that, even if the storage suggestions are followed, it may begin to degrade. Remember this to have the best possible experience with your kratom.