Successful Business Leaders

High Energy Levels

All successful leaders have lots of energy. They work with passion, drive and enthusiasm. They know what and who energises them and ensure that their energy levels are sustained or replenished on a regular basis, by spending time doing the things that matter to them most and being with people who are most important to them.

They take a holistic approach to their life and work: they look after their mind and body, their relationships and their spirit, to energise and re-energise themselves as necessary.

Their energy and enthusiasm is infectious.

Work/Life Balance

Now this phrase may have gone out of fashion in recent years, but I believe the essence of it is key to the success of many business leaders.

Although the best leaders have a passion for work, for learning and for being and doing their best, they also lead balanced lives. By this I don’t mean they spend an equal amount of time both at work and away from work (although they may!) What I do mean is that they look after their health and welfare, they pursue hobbies, have fun and spend time with the people who are important to them.

They realise that life is for living and that they’ll only get one chance to do it well!

They love their life and the part work plays in it, although to them work often doesn’t feel like work because they love what they do so much!