Start A Chauffeur Company

In order to become a chauffeur, you may be required to take some courses which would teach you proper methods that ensure the safety of your passengers at all times. These courses can teach you how to control your car if you get a flat tire while driving at high speed and how to remain calm if your vehicle goes out of control. Many companies may even require you to take their own courses which would show you what is to be expected from a chauffeur that works for their company. These courses could include teaching you proper etiquette, the proper attire that should be worn and sometimes even drug screening to ensure that their drivers are always of the highest standards. Some companies may insist that you meet a certain minimum age, (which is usually 21) some require additional driving licenses and that you have no history of drink driving, accidents etc. In other words, that your driving history is clean. You may also need to be a non-smoker, be able to speak other languages and have a basic knowledge of car maintenance.(eg. How to change a flat tire)

You need to have many skills to be a chauffeur. These include not only driving skills but many others also. Chauffeurs always need to maintain a smart appearance. Some companies may require you to wear a uniform which could include a tuxedo and a hat. You also need to enjoy working with people, inter personal skills is a very important characteristic of a chauffeur. You always need to be polite, accommodating and punctual. Often you may come across a rude customer but you need to remain calm and polite and hold the door open for them. You may even need to hold an umbrella over their head if its raining! You need to be able to respect peoples privacy and be able to keep information to yourself. One of the most important customers that you may have to drive could be businessmen and it is essential that you do not divulge any information that you may overhear. You always need to be flexible and patient with your customers. A chauffeur usually has no fixed working hours- you may need to spend nights away from home and your family and you may have to work early mornings, evenings, bank holidays and weekends. Sometimes chauffeurs may also only have temporary or part time work so you basically need to be on call 24/7. Even when you are on a job you need to be flexible and patient, as you can often be left waiting for long periods of time on your passenger. And although it may sound strange, a chauffeur needs to maintain a high level of fitness as you will often need to lift heavy luggage or goos into and out of the car.

If you ensure that your car is of a high standard, for example that you have vacuumed the interior, washed the exterior of the vehicle and cleaned the windows and mirrors this will also impress your customer. Attention to detail is very important which is why other conveniences and luxuries that can be found inside the vehicle, such as newspapers, music, drinks and televisions have become so popular over recent years. Another facility that has developed is satellite and tracking devices that are now being installed into many vehicles. This technology enables the chauffeur to avoid sudden stops and turns which makes the journey even more comfortable for the passenger. Through this device you can also receive directions, traffic advisories and weather reports, which can in turn lessen the duration of the journey.

Small Business Strategy


A good way to begin “strategic thinking” is to remind yourself why you chose the business or industry you came to be in. What were your hopes or aspirations at the time? While probably not at the top of your thoughts, the core values that attracted you once are most certainly still important to you. No matter what opportunities you choose to pursue, start by reminding yourself about the things that really matter to you. If you are doing this with a team, the process of identifying the most important common values is always a good first step.
One you are clear on what is really important at the core; there are many good tools and methods to help identify opportunities. In this article I offer four frameworks to consider; perhaps one will be tempting to delve into depending on your situation.


In any business or organization it is important to differentiate yourself in a relevant, meaningful way from everyone else out there. A good starting point is to take a closer look at the unique competencies and strengths in your organization.

In a method commonly used in strategic planning known as SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) it becomes relatively easy to identify strategic opportunities by mapping out organizational strengths, weaknesses, the market situation, customer needs and the environment. I highly recommend trying this out for your business. If you are interested in reading more about SWOT go to []


Whether you face increased competition, or simply don’t want to work as hard as you have in the past, you can become more efficient by focusing on what you do best.
In 1906 Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto observed that twenty percent of the Italian people owned eighty percent of their country’s accumulated wealth. Over time and through application in a variety of environments, he developed a concept that has become know as “The Pareto Principle,” “The 80-20 Rule,” or “The Vital Few and Trivial Many Rule.” The rule states that a small number of causes is responsible for a large percentage of the effect in a ratio of about 20:80. In a management context, the theory is that 20% of a person’s effort will often generate 80% of their results.

The challenge is to distinguish the right 20% from the trivial many. Once you start looking, you will find powerful implications in every area of your business
Do 20 percent of your products account for 80 percent of product sales?
Do 80 percent of your visitors see only 20 percent of you web pages?
Does 20 percent of your sales force produce 80 percent of the revenues?
Is 80% of your time spent on Trivial Many activities?
What competencies are bringing you the majority of your results? Once you figure this out the idea is to focus!


Forming an alliance with a complementary partner can have many benefits. Working together with a partner may enable you to offer more value to clients, create new combinations of services, and think through ideas from new perspectives.

If you think a partnership might be beneficial, start by identifying your own core competencies. Only then, should you start looking for a partner. When you are successful at finding a candidate with complementary strengths, it is time for both of you to sit down and do some strategic planning. So many partnerships begin without clear roles and responsibilities, expectations and written goals.


For any of you who are in transition, thinking about transition, trying to build a motivated productive team, or are simply reevaluating your own strengths, I would like to share with you a paragraph from Dr. Mel Levine’s groundbreaking book “A Mind at a Time.”

“Each of us is endowed with a highly complex, inborn circuitry- creating innumerable branching pathways of options and obstacles. While some of us have brains that are wired to handle a lot of information at once, others have brains that can absorb and process only a little information at a time (often with greater accuracy). While some of us have brains that store and retrieve from memory with precision and speed, others possess brains that access facts more slowly or with less precision. Some kinds of minds prefer to dream up their own original thoughts rather than drawing upon the ideas of others, and vice versa. Although some of us have minds that are more comfortable and effective visualizing complex political or even religious ideas, others are apt to do much of their thinking in words and sentences. So it is that we all live with minds wired to excel in one area and crash in another. Hopefully we discover and engage in good matches between our kind of mind and our pursuits in life.”

While this book is intended primarily for parents, educators and doctors, it has a valuable message for anyone trying to improve their situation. Different minds learn differently, and with a better understanding of ourselves and the people in our organizations, we can help ourselves and others design goals that build on strengths. There are a myriad of excellent assessments that can be administered by trained professionals to help you gain new insights into yourself and the others on your team. I welcome your questions if this is an area that you think is worth exploring.

Passive Income Strategy

First – I’d like to make it known that passive income opportunities do work and there are legitimate programs available online that will pay you for doing literally nothing at all. The first thing I look for when deciding to place money with one of these programs is a working phone number. That will lead to a point of reference before giving my hard earned money to any specific program. Contacting the administrator or someone that has already been involved with a passive income program gives the program credibility and can help answer any important questions one may have at first.

Second – Ask yourself how long the program has been established. This is a really tough call because all programs have to start somewhere. For some of the newer one, watch the program for a while to make sure other members are getting paid. On the other hand like I have stated, all programs start somewhere and with some due diligence one can spot these programs within the first week of their launch.
Side Note: When you become that good, you can make a great income from finding new companies to invest in.

Stay away from programs claiming to make more than 15% per month on your money. Having been in this industry myself for 2 years and earning a part-time income, I’ve seen many programs offering 100% per month and in some cases it is possible, however the majority of these programs do not las t very long. Take a more conservative approach and look for programs offering anywhere from 5% to 15% per month on your money.

Many passive income opportunities diversify themselves into various financial markets. Typically these markets range anywhere from forex trading, commodities, futures, real estate, precious metals, trading on the NYSE, stock options and ventured capital. The truth is a well diversified fund can run for many years and pay all of its members a substantial amount of money.

Last but not least, do not put all of your eggs into one basket. Pick 2 or 3 strong programs and go with them. Choosing more than 2 or 3 programs could hurt your portfolio over the long run. With proper due diligence and money management it is possible to slowly build a golden goose that will continue to lay for many years to come.

Minding Business from the Inside

Minding your business from the inside means running a clean, smooth operation. Being an entrepreneur may require guts, but the reality of running a business requires hard work, management skills, resources, discipline and learning to do it right in order to build a solid foundation for success.

The good news is a plethora of free and low cost resources are available to assist you. The IRS and your local state, county and city offices offer information about starting and running a business. Don’t be afraid to contact these offices for assistance. Many government offices offer free to low cost business classes and workshops. Call or visit your nearest community college for a schedule of business classes. Visit your local chamber of commerce for information and local business resources.

The importance and benefits of minding your business from the inside cannot be overstated. It improves productivity, operations and communications, allows for accurate financial planning, enables you to utilize and allocate resources appropriately, and gives you peace of mind in the event your company is audited.

Tips to Minding Your Business

  1. Acquire required business licenses.
  2. Learn everything about state sales tax obligations for your industry.
  3. Set up and maintain a good filing system.
  4. Keep accurate documentation.
  5. Adopt good business practices.
  6. Keep good financial records and use an accounting system that works for you.
  7. Know all of your tax obligations and fulfill them timely (state and federal).
  8. Set up a business bank account.
  9. Retain professional assistance and counsel when needed.

Launching Your Own Business

I always dreamed about having my own business, talked to friends about it, and imagined how it might be. But it was only after two women gave me a push, that I started doing instead of dreaming. First, my former boss said to me, when we were both thinking about moving on, “I never looked for a job, I always went out and created my own.” Given her advice, I hired a business coach to help me map out my next career steps. My coach saw my entrepreneurial spirit and encouraged me to start a business. So I moved from dreaming to doing.

The first few months of my business I spent setting up a legal structure, registering the business name, implementing an easy accounting system, setting up a business checking account, establishing a line of credit and obtaining business insurance. Each item was time consuming but not difficult. The more difficult work was writing my business plan and marketing plan. I talked to professional colleagues and volunteers at the Small Business Administration and SCORE, and read books on marketing. The process was slow because I was learning along the way, but I now use both business and marketing plans as daily roadmaps to guide my actions. One of the easier and fun parts of the first few months – for me, was working with a designer to create a logo, business cards, stationery, brochure and Web site.

I also started networking – an activity that never ceases. There are many organizations to join. The trick is figuring out which ones to choose. I finally decided on being involved with a half a dozen organizations, which can either bring me business or help me learn more about building my business or both.

One of the activities I worked on for months was my “elevator pitch,” which is answering the question, “What do you do?” so the listener understands and is interested. Now when people ask, I say, “I help people build great careers and help leaders build great companies.”

I also spent a lot of time creating processes to make my business run like a well-oiled machine. I have processes for making sales calls, following up, writing proposals and evaluating the results of the work I do.

In addition, three college students contacted me, and wanted to work with me as interns to learn my business and to help them with their careers. Having interns adds supervisory and coaching time, but their ideas and enthusiasm has paid off. In fact, my business tag line, Know-how. Right now, came out of a meeting in which we reviewed my marketing plan.

At a networking meeting, a colleague suggested that I consider joining the Women’s Business Development Center. After looking into it, I had my business certified as a women’s business enterprise. In addition to meeting other women business owners, I gained access to a member directory of businesses that are interested in doing business with women business owners.

For me, the biggest risk of starting my own business was financial. I went from a steady paycheck to a roller coaster ride of payments. Before starting my business, I sat down with my family and asked for their support to ride out the slow months. My husband and youngest child were supportive; my teenager who loved new clothes and CDs, etc, needed convincing. But since my oldest child has graduated from college and is making her own career decisions, I see my move as a way to show her how to live her dreams.

Business Hotels

Business hotels are a very effective way of impressing people and creating the desired effect on them. They are ideal place to conduct meetings when it is serious business at stake. For instance, if you have to give an important presentation to clients or clinch a deal, you can choose a posh business hotel to make your mark.

These business hotels are quite modern and updated conference venues. You will find all the technological assistance that you require in your meeting like OHP, LCD projector, VoIP communication facilities, DVD & VCR players, microphones and all the latest gadgets that are useful in successful presentation. These business conference venues enables you to have a well presented, effective and highly professional meet.

However at the same time, these conference venues are also well within your budget. You do not have to burn a hole through your pocket for hiring such professional venues for your conferences. You can get attractive business conference locations that you can very well afford.

But for that either you need to have thorough knowledge of all the business hotels in UK or you can depend upon professional venue finders. UK has quite a few good business conference venue and business hotel finders who can give you thorough and updated knowledge about the various conference venues available in UK as well as in major countries.

All you need to do is prepare your presentation and minutes of the meeting in a style that would be just as professional and smart as your business venue would be. If this presentation or meeting holds much importance in your professional life, then let nothing come in between you and success.

Budgeting Software for Small Business

The budget is an essential element of the business process. It allocates the financial resources of the company according to a preset plan and forecasts cash flow. How well the business adheres to the budget and how quickly it can react to deviation from the budget are often determining factors in the success or failure of the enterprise. Budgeting software that can assist in this becomes a great aid to the small business owner. The following are three of the top budgeting software programs available on the market today that are geared for small business.

Microsoft Forecaster is the first. It works well with a variety of general ledgers and coordinates with other Microsoft small business software to automate and simplify the entire budgeting process. It is considered a very intuitive type program, and the fact that it is so similar in its appearance to other Microsoft programs makes it very easy for the small business owner, and his key people to quickly grasp its operation and to benefit from its features.

Budget Maestro by Centage is the second entry. It has a very sophisticated logic that is built into the program and continually tracks the income statement, balance sheet, and the cash position. It allows manager to see the bottom line impact of plans and combines forecasting software and budgeting software into one easy package.

The third on the list is the Applix Budgeting TM1 program. This software has been designed to work well with Excel spreadsheets. It takes the spreadsheet past the limitations of Excel and is also very much a forecasting software with its “what if” modeling features. There are many good budgeting software programs and another’s Top 3 list might appear different, but the bottom line is that the small business owner has the help he needs for this important business function.

Business Success through Systems

The small business naturally is centered around a small team, who necessarily have to know and work towards goals both short term and long. Each member’s role should synchronize with the others, and lead the business towards success. No business owner can be expected to remain static, stay put in his/her enterprise for months, or years, – it is natural to want to grow, acquire more, develop and widen his life and the business. Thus the small business owner has to necessarily put a formal system in place, which is expected to spell out the ways to run the business even if he/she were to go away, on other assignments or holiday or whatever.

The System

Well-developed systems are synonymous with the CPU of our desktop or laptop; the mouse, the screen, the printer and other connected gadgets collectively or singly work well, only when properly wired through the CPU. Systems similarly co-ordinate a whole lot of things, from small to big, employees, clients, finances, day-to-day production, targets for manufacturing or selling, pricing, logistics, billing and of course returns as profits.

Sky is the Limit

One central office for example in the HQ of McDonalds functions across the nation or even globe only due to a well developed system, that caters to customers, production techniques, employee dress, franchises and meeting any contingencies apart from the primary activity of hamburger making and selling. What one sees is a vibrant example of a well oiled mechanism, which works for the business owner/s whether present or absent on a 24/7 basis, round the year.

Specifics to small business

A well-developed system can impart multifold benefits to the small business and can range from employee relations to customers to profits. Everyone from new employees to specialists get to know what each one has to do, where, when and how. At the same time, innovative talents and creativity can get noted and result in a win-win situation for both the persons and the business. Even minor deviations can get detected and corrected early and thus prove beneficial to the business.

Systems lead to continued success

Whether the owner or any key employee is present or not, a well designed system provides the surest way to continued success in small business, more by the adoption of effective business plans that meet or exceed the expectations of all the stakeholders. Systems surely pave the way for running business successfully and small business even better.

Entrepreneurs Are Like Explorers

The provisions were there, the signs were there, but Burk and Wills did not understand what the signs meant and so they died a horrible death from thirst and starvation.

In business, entrepreneurs are like explorers. Lewis and Clark were successful. They survived. Burk and Wills were not. They died. Who do you want to be like?

This same tragedy gets repeated with businesses today. The way to survive it there, but business owners fail to read the signs. Those signs are called key performance indicators, or KPI’s. If you are not measuring you are not managing. Make sure that you are measuring right things the right way.

For example, if a customer is worth $10,000 a year and average lifecycle is 5 years, then they are worth $50,000. So if it costs $1,000 to get a new customer and $200 per year to retain them it is a great deal. There are several KPI’s here. Cost of acquiring a customer, cost of keeping the customer, sales value of the customer per year, lifecycle of the customer. And notice that it costs 5 times to win a new customer verses keeping a customer.

What are the activities that must take place in the marketing and sales cycle that can be measured? Advertising cost, number of responses to advertising, appointments set, requests for quotation, number of sales, sales revenue. These are all opportunities to measure what is going on in your process. Develop meaningful targets at each stage in the process and compare them to your current performance. If your people are not meeting these KPI’s you need to find out why. These are signs that your business needs improvement.

You have an advantage that Burk and Wills never did. They did not have someone that they could ask to help them understand what the signs meant. You do. There are coaches that you can ask for help. The signs are there, and KPI’s can be set up so you can measure right things the right way, and avoid the equivalent fate of Burk and Wills.

About Online Business System

There are many high performance organizations that attract positive, team oriented people who want to learn and grow everyday. On the Internet you can find many applications on the market with low curriculum requirement.

With just a personal computer anyone can start an Internet marketing online. The opportunity to achieve financial success depends on you and your own decisions. It involves your knowledge and budget that means to draw up an estimate.

Some options must be considered developing an online business system. First, you can have your own product, build a blog or a web site and start to sell it online. There are some specific strategies to promote it and you can do a Google search to find it.

Another option is to resell products from online companies. You register into a cadastre. It is generally free.

And you can find an affiliate program. It is a way to promoting a company product through a compensation method. The greater number today use revenue share that is, cost per sale as compensation method.

Affiliate programs use majority multi level marketing business function by recruiting salespeople. For instance, you are paid to sell a product. But you can be paid too when you have different people recruited into your downline. That basically means additional sales commissions based on the sales or affiliation people that have been joined through you.

As you can see, the Internet business opportunities have many ways to congregate new people.

Everybody, all Internet sailed searching business-oriented chances loads to a strong desire: to increase its income. Some more than this, or either, they desire to change life, to work in a more pleasant way.

It is strongly recommended to most people, especially for who intends to start a new online business system, evaluate the multiple probable opportunities to have not their money jump out of the frying pan into the fire.

It is strongly necessary to ask: does an online business system work? Yes and no. A work at home online will not make you rich overnight. On that way it does not work.