How can You Ship Domestics from Door to Door?

Go abroad for traveling or shipment for shortly or permanently transferring the domestic furniture or necessaries creates a major problem. Manage vehicles, packing properly for carrying; receive carefully, etc. the toughest work. In this case, will help you.

What about US Domestic Shipping?

Shipment from one place to another place safely is not easy work. Need more serious concern about it. Luggagetoship is an online service that is always ready to provide service for you. Now you can travel free in the mood without any extra pressure.

From this service, you can transfer your domestic necessaries, luggage, golf clubs, skis, boxes, sport equipment, business meeting materials, and many more things. You can ship from your place to the USA, US or other 220 countries. Your domestics are shipping by DHL, FedEx, etc.

With a very low price comparing with another online service, you can find that we are the best. You can save your 70% shipping cost and enjoy the best service. You just drop off your domestics from your door and go to your destination without any burden.

Luggagetoship is also alert about your domestic damages. If once happens some abnormalities can give the insurance coverage. This insurance coverage may cover up to 20,000 USD. So hope you understand how carefully they handle your domestics during shipment. Now you can easily do your US domestics shipping through luggagetoship.

How Place Door to Door Luggage Service?

Luggagetoship gives you the door to door luggage service. You can ship different types of items through it. It has some extra facility which makes it more popular and confidential to the people. Luggagetoship collect your domestics or things from your door, it may be from your hotel, house, school, office or any other place.

Just drop off your domestics from your door and receive your domestics from your destination door. At first, contact us and find out the nearest DHL, FedEx service for dropping off your domestics. They collect your domestic products from your door and packing, labeling and locking properly.

Take extra care for your fragile items or some valuable items. Shipping labels are placing at the label pouch and facing the tracking barcode at the outside. Tightly pouch the stick at the luggage tag and make more secure by placing it at the top handle of the bag.

Also, put an extra-label inside the bag. So, no tension about lost your domestics. You just keep in note properly your check-in and check-out date, delivery location, room number or receiver contact number. That’s why it is known as door to door luggage service to all.


Luggagetoship is a trusted online service. Through it, you can ship your domestics to the USA, US or other 220 countries within 2 days or 3 days. You can storage your domestic in the warehouse for 6 months long without any cost. So, we can say about is the best and you make a smarter and lighter trip.