Make Money With Just A Ladder

Most homeowners prefer to delegate the task of gutter cleaning to a local handyman who specializes in this tedious task. The common dislike of cleaning gutters makes the business a well paying use of time. Most people who clean gutters make anywhere from £15 to £30 an hour, and the best part is, they do it working for themselves, on their own schedule!

Getting started with your own gutter cleaning business is easy to do. The only supplies you need are a good, sturdy ladder, a reliable way to transport it, and your own labour! Once you have gathered your supplies, take a trip to your local council and secure a contractor’s license to create your own legitimate business. Licensing a small business like gutter cleaning is usually as simple as filling out a short application and paying a small fee.

After you have obtained the proper license, you’re ready to get started! Finding new clients and customers is almost as easy as getting your equipment and license. There are a number of advertising options available to low businesses that cost very little. The best way to build a new base of customers is to go out and knock on doors. Personal contact makes it much more likely to land jobs, and it also gives you the opportunity to negotiate your prices as you learn the market.

Other low cost ways to promote your new gutter cleaning business include advertising in the local newspaper or passing business cards or flyers out to potential customers. Most newspapers feature a section of the classifieds just for small businesses like yours. Placing an ad is typically affordable, and there may be discount packages available as well. Remember to include the type of service you are offering along with a phone number to contact you at.

Business cards and flyers can be effortlessly created with inexpensive publishing software and a quality printer. You can make your own materials to promote your new gutter cleaning business and spend a few hours placing these in front doors or on windshields in a parking lot. There are several other affordable ways of drawing customers to your new business as well.

Gutter cleaning is an excellent opportunity for almost anyone to earn extra money on the weekends, or to make a full-time profit without working for someone else. Cleaning gutters is an easy way to earn good pay, and starting your own business for the service is just as simple. In no time at all, you can earn a full time income working on your own schedule with nothing more than a ladder!