Set Up A Profitable Landing Page

  • Know what its purpose is
    Is the idea to generate new leads or to generate new sales? OR maybe, you just want to get an idea of what people want from you and your business? Before you set up the landing page, have a very clear idea of what you want to make happen.

  • Keep it very simple
    This is not a blog page where you have lots of words that draw people in but do not actually get them to take an action. This also should not have too many options on it for things that your visitors can do on the page. When they come the page, the goal should be very obvious from the get-go. Having clarified the purpose, make sure visitors are also clear what you want them to do. Keep the purpose of each landing page limited to ONE thing.
  • Have a Clear Call to action
    Assume nothing! You may think it is clear what you want prospects to do but they may not share your clarity. As mentioned in the last point, you need to ensure the page lends itself to clarity but also, have a clear opt-in box somewhere they can see clearly, the moment they come on the Wealthface. This means that it is likely that an above-the-fold opt in box is more likely to work better than one that is tucked in deep down the bottom. Of course, it does depend on the purpose of the page. It may be a sales page and you may need to sell them on sticking around before shoving a ‘buy now’ button at them. Think this through and decide where your call to action will be as well as clear wording around it so that the right people sign up for or buy your product or service.
  • Ask For Vital Information
    And only vital information. On the first page, you may find it best to only ask for their email address and first name and once they take that step, you can lead them to the next page where you ask for more information, depending on your campaign, of course.
  • Use a winning Headline
    Do not forget to make sure that the first thing that captures the attention of your prospect is suitably attractive and hits the spot for them. The headline is critically important in getting people to stay on the page.