Sharing Office Space

Earn Some Extra Money

Renting office space can be very expensive, especially if you are doing so in a prime location. Therefore if you have some desks going spare you might find that renting them out to another person or company can help earn some extra money for you to put towards your own rent.
Having extra money coming each month can help with your cashflow and even help to expand your businesses by potentially increasing the amount that you feel able to spend on wooing new clients.

Reduce Overheads

When you are running your own business one of the main things to think about is how to keep your overheads down. This is a key contributor to good cashflow management which is at the heart of business success.

Sharing office space helps you reduce the amount you spend on rent each month. As such it is an excellent way to reduce your overheads and manage your cashflow.

Expand Your Business

As well as saving and even making you money, sharing office space can be provide a great opportunity to expand your business.
After all, if you share an office with people in synergistic businesses (in other words whose area of expertise compliments yours) you might have the chance to generate leads. Of course creating referrals for others also helps ensure that they will provide them for you in return.

Mix with People

Working from home can certainly make life easy but it can also be fairly lonely. Unlike in an office environment you don’t have the chance to chat to colleagues over the water cooler or grab lunch with someone who works by you.

Sharing office space however gives you an in-built network of people with whom to socialise and share any frustrations that crop up during the day.