Survival Tips for Entrepreneurs

  • SHIFT YOUR THINKING. This is the key to success. You must shift your thinking. For me, I always start out with remembering that I “GET” to be an entrepreneur, to work for myself, to set my own hours, to get things done when I choose to get them done. I’m at my desk right now because I made that choice and that decision. When you shift your thinking and focus on your WHY and the fact that you have the POWER to control your thoughts, you can easily turn it around.
  • USE A TIMER. For those of you who know me, you know I work with a timer – in my case, either the one on my I-phone or my famously branded egg timers, LOL! So, once I make the decision that, whether or not it’s a holiday, work will get done – I immediately make a list of priorities – I make a decision on how much time I will dedicate to that list – and I make a decision on when I will get to my desk. I’m an early morning person – so I came right in off the porch and got to work. I will remain focused and crank out the work until the timer goes off. Then, that’s it. I’m done. And I celebrate my decision and my accomplishments – turn off the computer – close the office door and move on into the day.
  • PLAN SOME FUN. This is another key to success. If you don’t have anything specific planned, then it’s just too easy to go back into work mode – and then the resentment can build and, before you know it, the day is over. Another holiday come and gone! Stop that! Take charge. Plan some fun – for me, today is all about exercise, fresh air and friends. My bike is out and ready. I’ve got my meal planned for the BBQ later – and I will also return to the chair on the porch to finish reading my book (“How to Deliver a TED Talk” by Jeremy Donovan)
  • GET AWAY FROM THE OFFICE. For those of you who have a home office, this can be a challenge. So, it is critical that you follow the steps listed above, and physically remove yourself from the area of your home office. I’m thinking a drive and a walk on the beach are in order today, too. In that way, I physically am removed from the ease of slipping back into my home office and getting just a few more things done. NOPE. Not for this gal today – and it should be the same for you.