Tips for Developing a Local Marketing Strategy with Social Media

Online Marketing

Getting your content in front of the wider community can be valuable for your local business. Developing a social media strategy for your local marketing campaign is a great way to effectively target your local audience. Research shows 79% of the American population uses social media to an extent. Instead of doing a traditional door-to-door local marketing campaign with your sales pitch, using social media can be much more effective.

Your strategy doesn’t need to be too complex, but it does have to work with the most popular social media platforms. Aiming your strategy toward Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter is a great way to capture your local audience.

Find somewhere to post online

In this digital age, no business wants to be approached with the classic cold call or door-to-door pitch. You need visual, interactive content that ensures to help the consumer. Finding where your local audience frequently visits online is the first step in approaching them digitally. This could be a community Facebook page for local people and businesses or a local Instagram geo-location.

Post often

Part of the strategy needs to be publishing content frequently. The more that your audience can see your posts, the more of a chance they have to interact with it. Additionally, the algorithm of most social media platforms favors content that is posted regularly. This means your account is active. Creating a content calendar for posting and sticking to it is the best way to make sure you’re posting enough and hitting your goals.

Promote online engagement

Engaging with your online community is a great local online marketing strategy. Increasing activity with your content and other user’s content will boost online engagement. This means liking, sharing, and commenting on posts. The more online involvement you can generate with your engagement, the more people you can put your product in front of.

Using social media for your local marketing strategies can lead to a very successful turnout if done correctly. Sticking to your content calendar and engaging with your audience in the right locations are the keys to a high-quality local marketing social media strategy.