What are the marketing trends for 2021?

Despite the chaos of 2020, eCommerce sales shot through the roof as more people were involved in online buying and selling. Also, people spent more time on social media and this has led to a significant shift in the way brands are now doing business.

There are many ways to market your business in 2021. You could consider using the services of a platform like Vistaprint.no to produce stickers, labels, signs, photo gifts, bags and clothes that bear your brand name and logo. However, you should first read what other people in Norway are saying about the platform on NorskeAnmeldelser before you patronize them. Here are the marketing trends for 2021:

Increase in influencer content and live-streams

Due to the pandemic, events were canceled, and people couldn’t attend physical gatherings to socialize with their family. As such, more people spent time tuning into live streams, whether it was from their favorite celebrity or a major business brand. Also, brands now employ social media influencers to create human-driven content that makes people trust the brand and leverage the in-the-moment connection most people craved during the pandemic. What makes the live streams more interesting is that they were shoppable, so consumers could buy items while watching.

More goodwill

The pandemic exposed the need for goodwill and generosity from those believed to be capable of offering it in society, and most major brands fall into this category. Consumers can’t trust a brand they see as insincere or invest their resources in it. As such, the smartest brands understand that connection is important so they will always find ways to fit into the conversation. Brands are now consistent with putting the purpose behind why they are built in the face of the customers and doing more good things in society.

Increase in UGC

Customer experience will take a new face this new year. Customers want proof every time they buy that they made the right decision. As such, brands will invest in getting more user-generated content as it is effective for building communities, forging relationships, and providing the much-needed social proof everyone wants to see.

More emphasis on sustainability

The rave for a sustainable lifestyle has not waned, more people are realizing why it is needed in our societies today. Over the years, brands are moving in a more sustainable manner such as using more eco-friendly materials in their production and packaging, reducing their carbon footprints, etc. The drive for a greener planet is here to stay and consumers are actively using this quality to filter sensitive brands from insensitive ones. As the world gets more fragile, it is essential brands emphasize their sustainability this year.

Easy-to-consume content

While high-quality content remains king in the marketing trends for 2021, it must be in a form that is easy to consume by consumers. For instance, more people are likely to listen to podcasts more or open their mails to read newsletters than tune their radio to catch the latest advert.


Brands will need to show compassion towards various endemic social issues if they want to stay relevant. For instance, a brand cannot afford to remain aloof when sensitive matters like racial and gender inequalities rear up their ugly heads in the public space. Non-inclusive brands or brands who shy away from such conversation will see a dip in their sales while brands who are open about their involvement will reap great benefits.