Top SEO Trends for 2021 You Need to Know

SEO is important for digital marketers, website owners, and companies of all sizes – because it allows your site to appear in the search rsesults when someone types a keyword or a query and you have an answer or a solution for it. This increases your website’s visibility in the SERP’s which leads to more engagement and organic traffic on your site.

Whether you’re a brand owner or an expert marketer who wants an overview of new changes and a refresh of your SEO strategy, here are the top trends in SEO you need to keep a watch on.

SEO expert in India

1. BERT update by Google

The BERT update has rolled out and a number of websites saw the negative impact of it, mainly Google will not focus on the quality of the content, keywords, content relevancy, and user intent. Google will check the overall reputation of your website through your financial transactions, expertise, trustworthiness, and other factors. Hiring an SEO expert in India can help you get ahead of the game and increase engagement on your website.

2. Technical SEO, UI, and UX

With the basics of SEO, most brands tend to avoid the other technical aspects of their site and this can harm your website’s strength. Try making your site look fresh with the best Ui and UX keeping the function and structure of the site in mind. Search engines do consider if your page is UI/UX friendly and it factors in the rankings if your site is user friendly.

3. Provide relevant content

According to Google Algorithms, keyword usage or stuffing in the content does not being good content rankings and does not deliver the right message to the users. Google is looking for content that is relevant to your users, you can do this by identifying your target audience and generating content that is natural and ideal for your users. Use keywords in prime spots along with meta descriptions, titles, tags, and more. Long tail and short tail keywords break the monotony of your content and can help in a great-looking optimal copy.

4. Loading speed of your website page

Any good web designing company in India will tell you that the first impression is the last. If a customer visits your website and it takes long to long, they will get bored and leave, and it will leave a negative impression on the user. Try to optimize your loading speed with the help of Page Speed Insights by Google and know your current page speed and start improving on it.

5. Include a lot of video content for engagement

Video content has the power to make your users stay glued to your page and the content it displays. Use videos to tell a story of your brand, situations, new products, services, and more that can be linked to your audience. Videos can help to showcase ingredients, products, and action to your users and is one of the cheapest and most engaging forms of content out there.

In Conclusion

Google algorithms and SEO are constantly changing and updating and are not the same as the previous years. Your SEO agency needs to have updated content and follow the new trends.