Ways Entrepreneurs Can Be More Grateful

A Mid Day Gratitude List

Is your day feeling tough, write out a gratitude list. Sitting around feeling grumpy about situations you may not be able to change immediately, is not doing you any favours. Instead, take a moment to review things you can be grateful for.

Initiate Forgiveness By Searching For The Good

Is there someone in your life who has offended you? And can you not shake the feeling that you have been treated badly wrong? If you want to be free, spend time thinking about reasons to be grateful for, or even TO, this person. It may take some doing to get your mind to a place where it is willing to accept that there are things you can be thankful for, however forgiveness is really about your freedom. I know you have heard that before but it is true. If you want to be free enough to create a life and a business that you adore then learn how to quickly forgive.

Use Words of Gratitude, rather than Criticism

It is tempting to think that criticism will always get better results than gratitude but you would be wrong. Humans being react better to more positive words than they do to negative nagging. Relationships deteriorate over time when there is more negative than positive words being spoken. So, before you nag at your teenager, or spouse or employee, choose instead to think of things you can be grateful to them for. I get it, it will feel unnatural for a while but do you want a whole life or not? Do you want great relationships or not?

If you do, then choose to be someone who brings gratitude into every relationship. Choose to be someone who makes clear requests, rather than nagging.